The authorities of Yakutia instructed Legally to pay the salary arrears

© Photo : EMERCOM in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Fire trucks of EMERCOM in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Archive photoThe authorities of Yakutia instructed Legally to pay the salary arrears© Photo : EMERCOM in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

The authorities of Yakutia requested the state fire supervision of the Republic to pay a firefighter Kangalassy microdistrict, announced Monday a hunger strike in protest against low wages and lack of workwear, payable for processing, but also solve the problem with the outfit, the press-service of administration of the President.

«The state fire service of Yakutia instructed to make payments on arrears for overtime and full uniform personal composition of all the units in the Republic», — stated in the message.

With reference to the head of the Republican state Committee for the safety of life of the population Yury Zaitsev specified that the meeting with the staff of the fire brigade in Kangalassy proposed to conclude a Protocol on the gradual resolution of the problems.

«The main of them is the fitting of employees with special clothing and footwear, as well as salary. The most acute issue of repayment of debt on a salary for shortened working hours», — the press service quoted Zaitsev.

In December 2016 in this firehouse set the fourth class of hazard and the list of benefits: reducing the working week from 40 to 36 hours, for hazard pay, additional vacation days. Today is payable for the processing by reducing working time for the actual work period.

The Chairman of Yakutia’s government, Yevgeny Chekin instructed to calculate the amount of debt to make application to the regional Ministry of Finance. The chief of fire service of the Republic Nikolay Ivanov said that «we need to find 113 million rubles, which the Department does not have».

«Also the decision on creation of the governmental Commission in order inventory system problems in the units and carrying out functional audit check concerning the management of State fire service of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)», — reports a press-service. The Commission will work a month.

As reported, the inspection is conducted by the office of public Prosecutor of Yakutia, Monday, after a meeting with the interdepartmental government working group, firefighters went back to work.

MOE Monday said that this fire station contains from the budget of Yakutia and is a national of the state fire service.

According to the authorities, there are more than 20 people, the average wage is 30-35 thousand rubles. For 5 years the employees were involved in 12 fires and fires last year in the village 2 fire occurred. Load the firehouse in Kangalassy is much less than in Yakutsk or other large settlements of the Republic.