The expert spoke about the creation of infrastructure for separate waste collection

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Patalavaca. Archival photoThe expert spoke about the creation of infrastructure for separate waste collection© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

Building the infrastructure for separate waste collection in Russia will require about ten years, while many cities are not ready for separate collection, said to RIA Novosti chief editor of the magazine «Ekograd» Igor Panarin.

As previously reported by the Ministry of construction of Russia, in all the major cities of the country in the next three months should see the infrastructure for separate collection and accumulation of domestic waste. We are talking about recycling paper, plastic, metal, glass, and waste that requires special recycling – batteries, energy saving lamps.

«Many cities are not ready to separate waste collection. Collected waste must be collected and to begin to sort. In addition, they have nowhere or unprofitable to carry on processing. Us infrastructure construction will require about ten years. The analysis shows that the structure of household waste is changing about 50% every five years», — said Panarin.

He also noted that part of this infrastructure is present. Thus, the collection of scrap metal and waste paper long been a profitable occupation — it does not need to implement, you need to create a more favourable regime for such enterprises. In addition, management companies are required by law to take free of mercury-containing lamps, therefore, many have already concluded contracts for the removal and processing of hazardous waste, including batteries.

«Many households are already engaged in separate collection of waste by installing bins for plastic, glass and aluminum. Taking them company, sometimes even pay money for the collected waste, especially if you have accumulated a large amount. It is a ready experience for replication and it has its followers,» – said Panarin.

In addition, the expert suggested to widely introduce the automatic sorting of waste to landfills in close proximity to excavate potentially useful fractions. It is also possible to carry out a preliminary processing of raw materials.

«To create this infrastructure is the task of the state. The infrastructure of the business will lease its capacity, including for the extraction of useful fractions on existing and closed landfills», – concluded the expert.

The theme of landfills has been discussed extensively in the suburbs. On the territory of the landfill «a Sound» near Volokolamsk was introduced emergency mode because of an unpleasant smell, which is a long time coming from the landfill. In March, according to the municipality, on the ground there was a release of landfill gas — to doctors in Volokolamsk addressed several dozen children. The locals associate the incident with the smell from the landfill, but the measurements didn’t show in the air of Volokolamsk exceeding the standards on harmful substances.