The fire in the center of Arkhangelsk was in the design Studio

© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova in fotobanka working at the scene. Archival photoThe fire in the center of Arkhangelsk was in the design Studio© RIA Novosti / Natalia to Seliverstova the image Bank

The fire in shopping centre «Fokus» in Arkhangelsk, according to preliminary data, was in the attic office design Studio, reported in regional GU the Ministry of emergency situations.

The message about the fire in the shopping center arrived at 6.40 on Tuesday, eliminated open burning was 7.21. Two hours later, after the signal fire was extinguished. No casualties were reported, the building was removed to six people. The fire area made about 800 square meters.

«The fire was in an office room in the attic of a three storey building. Only Mall available enterprise 16 tenants: sports, furniture, alcohol and other shops, design Studio, office of which, presumably, the fire occurred, as well as a hostel that is open on the 3rd floor in 2016», — stated in the message.

The fire presumably happened in the Studio, OOO «Stroy Lider repair», located in attic, added the Agency.

The fire in the shopping center Focus Arkhangelsk, Russia

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As noted in the GU Ministry of emergency situations according to the administrator of the hostel, in it at the time of the fire were six guests and the administrator. «Everyone was asleep, the smell of smoke and other signs of the fire that we felt. I called the employee of one of the stores and said that the roof of the building is on fire and need to evacuate people. I woke the guests, all Packed up and left», — are reported words of the receptionist «Teremok» Catherine vinskaya.

As explained by the head of the fire service, the CMC of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Arkhangelsk region Dmitry Okhrimenko, call the fire brigade came in pretty late, by the open fire. To the arrival of the fire burned the dome.

«Ceiling in the loft is partially concrete, partly wood. Wood and insulation burned, the fire spread to a plastic stained-glass Windows, which were decorated dome. There was a threat of distribution of a flame in the other rooms, including the «Appendix» attached to the main building that housed the hostel. Burning was stopped in the same range. Lower floors from the fire were not injured, but spilled water,» – said Okhrimenko.

The Mall was saved. As explained in the MOE, the damage concentrated at the top of the building, the area of the fire was 800 square meters.

The fire in the center of Arkhangelsk was in the design Studio© RIA Novosti, RIA Illustration to Novoshepelychi in fotobanka safety in public areas