The head of Ecuador gave the killer of journalists for ten days to surrender

© AFP 2018 / Juan Cevallos Lenin Moreno. Archival photoThe head of Ecuador gave the killer of journalists for ten days to surrender© AFP 2018 / Juan Cevallos

The President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, on Monday was given 10 days to voluntarily surrender the killers of journalist Walter Patricio Arizala nicknamed Guaco, otherwise, promised him a bad scenario.

We are talking about the three kidnapped on the border with Colombia, the employees of the newspaper Comercio (two journalists and their driver). Their death was officially confirmed by the authorities of Ecuador on Friday.

«We give 10 days to this inhuman and criminal, Guaco surrendered, otherwise he will go the way of our favorite people (and killed them), but of course in the other direction. He chose a bad script and bad chose of the enemy», — quotes Agency Andes statement Moreno.

According to the authorities, Guaco leads a gang that engaged in subversive activities in the province of Esmeraldas in January of this year. As a result of its activities, in addition to journalists, were also killed four soldiers.

For information on the whereabouts of Guaco authorities have offered a reward of 100 thousand dollars, another 150 thousand dollars offers Colombia, as his gang operates on its territory.