The Italian official received a threatening letter in ancient Greek

© AFP 2018 / Filippo MonteforteАвтомобиль Italian carabinieri. Archival photoThe Italian official received a threatening letter in ancient Greek© 2018 AFP / Filippo Monteforte

An official from the Italian town of Acquaviva delle Fonte in the South received an anonymous threatening letter in ancient Greek, and published a message in Facebook.

The letter is a handwritten excerpt from the tragedy of Aeschylus «Agamemnon,» in which the prophetess Cassandra prophesies «a pathetic lot» or, in another translation, «the bitter passion, the death of» the son of the Greek king Agamemnon Paris.

It’s name is the son of Eustace Busto, who in the government town in the province of Bari deals with utilities.

In 2015, Busto has launched a corruption scandal that led to the trial of a dozen officials including the mayor of the neighboring city of Altamura. Then the officer refused a bribe in 5 thousand euros for assistance in obtaining a contract for the repair of the local theatre, and then went to the police.

Current threats can be associated with the participation of the fighter against corruption in the new corruption process, which should begin on Wednesday. According to Busto, quotes from Aeschylus will not change his intentions to testify against the accused.

The letter, written in neat block letters, came to Busto in a white envelope with no signatures. He took it to the police who launched an investigation and sent the document to the calligraphic examination.