The political scientist has explained why Kazakhstan did not support Russia in the UN security Council

© AFP 2018 / Hector RetamalЗаседание of the UN security Council on Syria. 10 APR 2018The political scientist has explained why Kazakhstan did not support Russia in the UN security Council© AFP 2018 / Hector Retamal

Kazakhstan abstained during the voting in the UN security Council on the Russian resolution on Syria only for pragmatic purposes. In an interview with Sputnik Kazakhstan, said political analyst Alexander Knyazev.

In his opinion, the affirmative vote of Kazakhstan in the vote could play against the Astana process. In this case the analyst does not see the big contradictions in a situation when the Organization of collective security Treaty (CSTO) Kazakhstan was against the bombardment of Syria and the security Council on the same agenda said nothing.

«I think that one of the purposes of this American rocket attack is a failure of the negotiation process on Syria, which takes place in Astana,» — said Knyazev.

In his opinion, with all the disadvantages of the Astana process more efficient than, for example, Geneva: in the capital of Kazakhstan was able to negotiate a reduction in the intensity of hostilities and the establishment of zones of de-escalation.

«I think, therefore, that the position of Kazakhstan was formulated based on two theses: first, the voice of the representatives of Kazakhstan in the Security Council would not affect the General solution, it was obvious. At the same time, Kazakhstan had to keep a certain middle position to try and Astana negotiation process for a save,» added the analyst.

He is confident that «a clear, straightforward position of Kazakhstan in any case would have a negative impact on the prospects of inter-Syrian settlement in Astana».

The vote on the Russian resolution calling for an end to the aggression against Syria in the UN security Council took place on April 14. The document was not adopted: in favor of it voted Russia, China, and Bolivia, eight countries voted against, four delegations abstained.

The settlement of the Syrian crisis is discussed on the grounds of Astana and Geneva. In the capital of Kazakhstan it took eight rounds of negotiations. Next meeting is scheduled for 14-15 may.

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