«VimpelCom» is ready since July to begin to comply with the terms of the «Spring package»

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in photobanks card with the logo of the Beeline. Archival photo«VimpelCom» is ready since July to begin to comply with the terms of the «Spring package»© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

«VimpelCom» is ready to fulfill the requirements of the «Spring package» on the storage of user traffic since July 1, as originally planned, if the law is to provide for the phased introduction of the new rules, said General Director of the company Vasil Latsanich.

A package of anti-terrorism laws signed by the President in July 2016 (the so-called «Spring package»), including the obligation for Telecom operators and Internet companies for up to six months to store information about the content of the conversations and correspondence of the users, including photos, video and audio files to provide them on request of the security services. This rule was to earn as of July 1 this year, but now we are discussing its postponement in October.

«The delay (from July to October — ed.) does not save the information. Better of July 1, we start to introduce, agree on a phased implementation, and end he may and 1 October and 1 December and 1 July of the following year. Then I’m ready to «invest.» Just have to wait and also not to publish (by-laws, terms of reference — ed.), to work on a specific technidata is again deceive yourself, do not do that,» Latsanich said, speaking at the conference «Telecom 2018» organized by the newspaper «Vedomosti».

He noted that the lack of techtoday not allow companies to make accurate calculations of the costs of implementation of the law. Thus, according to him, «VimpelCom» there are large data centers, and the company will be able to introduce the requirements of the legislation on technology, geography and volume of traffic.

«I know that, most likely, all the big operators — colleagues in the mobile market and the fixed market will be able to find the funds one way or another, let it be painful and comply with the requirements of the law, but within a reasonable time. I have serious doubts that it will be able to make a small… operators Want to focus and understand that the law is one for all and not only for those who can perform. Others who can not perform, if not perform. But I hope this will not happen», — concluded the Latsanich.

Other operators said earlier that the implementation of the law will require huge costs and will lead to growth of tariffs. The Ministry of communications in December submitted to the government a normative act to the «Spring package», which includes storing the data traffic at first only for one month and the gradual increase in this period. Operators reduced the estimate of costs to tens of billions of roubles from the initial trillion. However, in January the head of the Ministry Nikolai Nikiforov said that the Ministry abandoned the idea of gradualism.