Scientists have discovered how Smoking increases the risk of stroke

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Scientists at the Institute of Maryland in Baltimore, established how Smoking affects the risk of stroke in men younger than 50 years, according to the portal Eurekalert.

The researchers studied a group of 615 men aged 15 to 49 years, each of which suffered a stroke in the previous three years and 530 healthy participants of similar age.

They were divided into groups of smokers, quitters and non-smokers. Smokers, in turn, attributed to one of four groups depending on the number of smoked cigarettes daily: up to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 39 or over 40.

It turned out that the risk of stroke in smokers compared with non-smokers increased by 88 percent. Those who smoked less than 10 cigarettes per day, the risk of stroke was 46 percent higher. Participants who smoked at least two packs a day, was almost five times more vulnerable compared to those who did not smoke at all.