The change of government in Cuba committed to normalize relations with the United States, experts said

© REUTERS / Courtesy of Cubadebate/Irene PerezРауль Castro and Miguel Diaz-Kanel’. Archival photoThe change of government in Cuba committed to normalize relations with the United States, experts said© REUTERS / Courtesy of Cubadebate/Irene Perez

The change of generations in power in Cuba can help the normalization of relations with the United States, told RIA Novosti the head of the Cuba research Institute at Florida International University Jorge Duany.

On Thursday, Miguel Diaz-Kanel ‘ was approved by the National Assembly of people’s power of Cuba (Parliament) as the head of the state Council and was replaced by Raul Castro at the highest state post.

«The most important change in Cuban society, which will accompany the transition of power to Raul Castro, Miguel Diaz-Canela, it seems, is in the nature of alternation of generations from the «historical leaders» of the Cuban revolution to the younger group — about 40-65 years, who will take on more public responsibility on the island. This change of generations may remove one of the main obstacles to the normalization of US-Cuban relations,» said Duane. He recalled that the U.S. Helms-Burton of 1996, which codified the trade embargo against Cuba, has said explicitly that the lifting of the embargo is impossible, until the authorities in Havana remain Fidel or Raul Castro. Fidel Castro handed over power to brother Raul in 2006 and died in 2016.

«It is still unclear at the moment whether Diaz-Kanel’ to establish good relations with the administration of the trump. It is also unclear whether soften Congress (U.S.) embargo. The fact that Raul (Castro) was able to choose his own successor and that the electoral system in Cuba does not allow a direct vote for the election of the head of state, as well as a choice between different candidates and competition of parties — all this makes is extremely unlikely that most members of Congress have changed their minds regarding US-Cuban relations,» — said the American expert.

He stressed that to speak of the final departure of the Castro family of the country’s leadership too early. So, Raul Castro remains the first Secretary of the Communist party and head of the Revolutionary armed forces while his children, Mariela and Alejandro also played a role in local politics.