In Minsk, said the talks with Russia on the supply of milk

© Flickr / Chris Rgstrd Minsk. Archival photoIn Minsk, said the talks with Russia on the supply of milk© Flickr / Chris Price

The Minister of agriculture and food of Belarus Leonid Zayats has called a «very constructive» talks, which took place on Friday with the Russian side on deliveries of dairy products in Russia.

A working meeting of representatives of the two countries, which discussed the supplies of Belarusian foodstuffs, took place on Friday in Moscow, the Hare was the head of the delegation of the Republic of. Previously, the Rosselkhoznadzor has imposed and lifted restrictions on deliveries of some Belarusian enterprises for various reasons, and establishes the regime of enhanced laboratory control.

«Very constructive discussion was held between our delegations… for the supply of dairy products to the Russian market», — said the Hare in the TV channel ONT.

According to the Minister, both countries realize that «the Russian market is a General market for the Republic of Belarus and Russia». Hare said that needs to be set identical approaches to ensure the economic interests of producers and processors.

«So we have agreed that we more details, deeper consider certain points regarding the economic efficiency of the Belarusian market, Russian market, and ensure equal realization of their products on the Russian market», — said the head of the Department. The Minister said that we are talking about the fact that in accordance with the agreements in the framework of the Union state to provide food and «not to buy from outside».

«We have the opportunity, of the Republic of Belarus put the number of (food – ed.) which is necessary for the Russian Federation. Well, the Russian Federation, in turn, will provide unconditional promotion of our products in the Russian market», — the Minister added.