RIF-2018: the participants of the Internet industry discussed the development of the digital economy

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in fotoracconti Internet forum 2018RIF-2018: the participants of the Internet industry discussed the development of the digital economy© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

The largest gathering of the Internet industry – RIF-2018 – has completed its work, three days participants discussed the development of the digital economy and the main trends of the IT world.

«The REEF together the conference, exhibition and many extracurricular events. For three days the forum was visited by more than 8 thousand participants, took place more than 100 parallel sections, where their experience and case studies shared over 250 speakers from leading Russian Internet companies and authorities. The REEF 2018 key persons of the Russian Internet, reported on the development of the digital economy of Runet and told about the most important trends in the IT-world,» — said the Russian Association for electronic communications (RAEC), the organizer of the REEF.

The forum participants discussed the regulation of the Internet, artificial intelligence, future cities, technology in healthcare, the protection of intellectual activities on the Internet, the Internet of things, e-Commerce, and more.


Director RAEC Sergei plugotarenko presented the current performance of the industry. Presentation by the Director of RAEC was built in the hubs of the ecosystem of the digital economy of Runet. According to Plugotarenko, Russia is included into ten countries — leaders in the digital economy, the Digital Society Index. Russia took seventh place in the degree of involvement of people in the digital economy.

According to RAEC, in 2017, the audience of the Russian Internet amounted to 90 million people (73% of the population), 7 of 10 people use the Internet at least once a month. The Chairman of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications Leonid Levin said that the real figures are likely higher, as analysts have not yet take into account the cases when Internet out children who use computers and the smartphones of the parents. According to the forecast of Association, by 2020, 85% of Russians will have access to the Internet.

In 2017, the mobile Internet audience in Russia for the first time exceeded desktop audience: 73 million users (59% of the population) use the Internet via mobile devices at least once a month, 20.9 percent use only mobile Internet.

The head of the center the Internet of technologies of the MIA «Russia today» Alexey Filippovsky, in turn, expressed the view that the race for technology sometimes leads to excessive spending with questionable results. «Often to solve a particular problem much more effectively to attract additional human resources, rather than spend the development time. Practice also shows that for the decision enough simple grocery analysts,» he said.

Also Plugotarenko noted that to date the visible rapid growth of online education and over the next five years the market volume will increase to 53.3 billion from 20.7 billion. Levin noted that in Russia it is necessary to create more educational programmes on digital technologies, and the number of companies developing projects on digital literacy, should be expanded.

The Director of the coordinating center domenovy (CC) Andrey Vorobyov told about the study «Trends in the development of the Internet in Russia». According to the study, over the past five years in Russia increased by a quarter the share of citizens, skilled in the use of the Internet – from 66% in 2012 to 80.8% in 2016. According to Vorobyov, the Russians increasingly interact with public authorities and local self-government on the Internet and apply for state services in electronic form: in the years 2014-2016, the share of such citizens has increased almost 1.5 times (to 51.3%). The most popular electronic service record on reception to the doctor – turned-third (32.4 per cent) of respondents using official sites and portals.

Another themed event of the forum became the conference Buduguru — an information guide for career in it, created to help young people navigate the actual professions of the future, to understand what the it profession will change the world. Special events of the conference were lectures and workshops. Within the REEF also hosted an exhibition where exhibitors were 50 Russian companies presented new services, solutions and developments.

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