Strategic asset: why States are buying gold and export it from the US

© AP Photo / Mike GrollЗолотые barsStrategic asset: why States are buying gold and export it from the US© AP Photo / Mike Groll

MOSCOW, April 21 — RIA Novosti, Natalia Dembinski. Russia’s international reserves rose to 462,4 billion. A significant share of gold — now this is a record 18%. The last time gold stocks are actively building up a state. Experts believe that this is no accident. The world is on the verge of global economic meltdown, and gold — in fact, the only truly reliable financial tool. What is the evidence of the coming collapse, but who managed to save and why Turkey and other countries the export of bullion from the United States — in the material RIA Novosti.

There were all conditions

Prerequisites to ensure that in the near future with the global economy that something will happen, definitely have: uncontrolled money printing, trade wars, rising interest rates, the decline in retail trade… Plus geopolitical tensions in some regions, over-the-top — as evidenced by the recent missile strikes on Syria.

Economists note: being aware of possible imminent Apocalypse, the big banks and the government are prepared in advance — hoarding «real money» before the crisis.

The main problem is that printing too much money, not backed by gold, and this is unlikely to change, points out Keith Neumeyer, Chairman of the Board of Directors of First Gold Mining.

«We come in an inflationary or reinflation the era gold anyway. The investments will be justified in any scenario,» he says.

According to the forecasts of Goldman Sachs, in the coming years the volume of world gold production will begin to decline, and according to estimates Goldcorp, one of the largest gold mining companies, by 2022 production will sink to the level of the beginning of the XXI century. The USGS believes that if the current rate of production at current levels, the gold reserves in the Ground already exhausted by 2034.

The average price of Troy ounces in 2017 1257,53 dollar. «Last year, gold in value terms increased by eight percent, and the year before, seven. No they will not give a return,» — said Alexey Vyazovskiy, Vice President of Gold coin home.

And, according to analysts, in the near future the combination of all the factors will cause a truly explosive growth in the yellow metal prices to two thousand or even three thousand dollars per ounce.
Who has how much gold

Analysts ascertain: the outflow of gold from the fed, which started in 2014, continued almost without interruption. The reasons are obvious: the growth rate of the Federal reserve system, the pressure on the Euro and other currencies provided by the U.S., increased geopolitical risks. The world seeks to reduce its dependence on the dollar.

«Gold is a market with an annual turnover of more than eight trillion dollars. This is an asset that can always be quickly and liquid to sell. And this is an asset that you control. If your bars are on the streets of Truth — no America you can not decree», — sums up Vyazovskiy.