Putin signed a law on insurance of fish farms supported by the state

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Archival photoPutin signed a law on insurance of fish farms supported by the state© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the distribution of 2019 agricultural insurance, carried out with state support, the objects of commercial aquaculture, should be published on the portal of legal information of the document.

Earlier, we explained that commodity aquaculture (commercial fish farming) is the type of entrepreneurial activities related to agricultural production, but commercial aquaculture are not the subject of agricultural insurance with state support.

The adopted law provides 1 January 2019 the law «On state support in agricultural insurance…» on the objects of commercial aquaculture.

State support will be provided in the form of Federal budget subsidies to regional budgets for reimbursement of the cost of fish farms on the payment of insurance premiums for the year concluded on contracts of agricultural insurance.

Objects of such insurance is the property interests of the insured or the beneficiary, related to the risk of loss (destruction) of fish and invertebrates due to contagious diseases, fire, storm, hurricane, floods, typhoons, tsunamis, ice flow, abnormal decrease in water level, sudden changes in water temperature, disturbance of electricity, heat, water in natural disasters.