China appreciated the United States ‘ desire to resolve trade disagreements through dialogue

© AP Photo / Charles DharapakФлаги the USA and China against the building of Congress in Washington. Archival photoChina appreciated the United States ‘ desire to resolve trade disagreements through dialogue© AP Photo / Charles Dharapak

Friction, US and China in trade-economic sphere is unfavorable for both countries, they can also influence the process of global economic recovery, which is why Beijing has attached great importance to Washington’s desire to resolve existing contradictions through dialogue and consultations, said on Thursday the Premier of the state Council of China Li Keqiang at the meeting with the Minister of transportation Elaine Chao.

«Trade and economic relations between China and the United States mutually beneficial in nature, and in a trade war cannot be won, in addition, it may affect the recovery of the global economy and to attack global supply chains,» said the Chinese Premier.

According to him, «we need to engage in dialogue and negotiations to find the proper solution to the existing problems, the Chinese side attaches great importance to the fact that the United States has expressed a desire to resolve existing trade disputes through negotiations, Beijing always leaves the door open for a dialogue».

Premier Wen also noted that the development of stable and healthy relations between the US and China benefits both countries, as well as the expectations of the international community. «I hope that both sides on the basis of equality and mutual respect will consult, will be able to strengthen mutual understanding and properly handle differences,» said Li Keqiang.

Elaine Chao, in turn, said that «the U.S. side looks forward to strengthening cooperation with China in related fields, at the moment, U.S.-China relations are at a crucial stage of its development, the two sides are trying hard to overcome a number of difficulties, I hope that bilateral consultations on trade and economic issues will bring positive results.»