Ex-husband of the bride Schrader filed for him in court because of the destruction of marriage

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in fotomancer Schroeder. Archival photoEx-husband of the bride Schrader filed for him in court because of the destruction of marriage© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

The former spouse of a Korean woman, Kim SEO Yeon, who became the bride of the former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has filed a lawsuit against the policy in order to obtain compensation for a broken marriage, reports the Yonhap news Agency, citing sources in court.

Earlier it was reported that Schroeder is going to marry for the fifth time, the chosen one 73-year-old politician became 48-the summer citizen of South Korea. As reported by the former head of Germany, the wedding is scheduled for fall 2018.

According to the Agency, the ex-husband of Kim SEO-Yeon, whose name was not disclosed, has filed a lawsuit against Schroeder on compensation for «unbearable emotional pain» and a broken marriage. It is noted that the claim amount is 100 million won (about 93 thousand dollars).

The plaintiff also States that he agreed to the divorce, provided that his spouse will cease the relationship with Schroeder. According to him, she made this promise, not intending to fulfill it. In addition, the deceived spouse claims that the marriage announcement that his ex-wife did in public, while stating that several years is divorced, hurt his reputation. According to the publication, the couple divorced only in November last year.

According to media reports, the couple meets for several years, Schroeder and Kim SEO-Yeon, who works as a representative of the German Corporation for enterprise development, living in two countries — South Korea and Germany. Schroeder said that he would like to learn Korean language and to lead a «normal life» with his chosen.

Currently, the ex-Chancellor is in the process of divorcing his fourth wife, Doris schröder-Korf. In this marriage of Schroeder, have two adopted children. Doris Schroeder-Kopf works as a regional Deputy of the Landtag (Parliament) in Hannover, now she’s meeting with interior Minister of Lower Saxony Boris Pistorius. Earlier, Schroeder-Kopf wrote in the social network Facebook that the relations of her husband with Kim SEO-Yeon became the main reason for the breakup of their relationship with Schroeder.