Flooding in Kenya has killed more than 70 people

© AP Photo / Andrew Quickstone home in Kenya. 27 APR 2018Flooding in Kenya has killed more than 70 people© AP Photo / Andrew Kasuku

More than 70 people were killed and about 40 thousand families still cannot return to their homes in Kenya floods caused by sustained heavy rains that hit the country a month ago, according to local red cross society.

«In the face of continued heavy rains, flood waters still continue to be a danger for thousands of people across the country. Our staff and volunteers are working around the clock to ensure the evacuation of families in high-risk areas,» — said the General Secretary of the society of Gullet Abbas (Abbas Gullet).

Since the start of the rains in late March, in addition to the deaths of more than 70 people, more than 211 thousand of the inhabitants were forced to leave their homes, says the report of the office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations. Many homes, farms, roads and other infrastructure destroyed by flood waters.

The situation in the country deteriorated sharply when the Kenyan power company KenGen (Kenya Electricity Generating Company) beginning the discharge of water from their hydropower plant on the Tana river, which overflowed about two weeks ago.