The CIA does not comment on the failure of the escape of the doctor, «passed» bin Laden

© AFP 2018 / National Geographic Channels/Ursula CoyoteПокушение on Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. May 2, 2011The CIA does not comment on the failure of the escape of the doctor, «passed» bin Laden© AFP 2018 / National Geographic Channels/Ursula Coyote

The Central intelligence Agency of the United States refused to comment on the failure of the operation escape from a Pakistani prison doctor Shakeel Afridi who helped the United States to destroy the terrorist Osama bin Laden.

«CIA refuses to comment,» said RIA Novosti the official representative of Department.

Previously, the two not dependent on each other source familiar with the situation told RIA Novosti that the CIA was masterminding an escape from Pakistani jail Afridi, but the us operation was prevented by the Pakistani intelligence.

Last Friday, one of the sources told RIA Novosti that Afridi was transferred from a prison in Peshawar, another place of detention due to ready in December 2017 of the shoot, later that same day, the representative of the Peshawar plain the prison and the brother of Afridi confirmed to the AFP information on his transfer.

Afridi, according to officials and US media, contributed to the success of the elimination of Osama bin Laden in may 2011. The then head of the Pentagon Leon Panetta and Secretary of state Hillary Clinton openly acknowledged his achievements in this operation, which has caused sharp discontent of Islamabad. The government of Pakistan Afridi was detained in late may 2011, accused of treason for organizing a fake vaccination, but later adding that he is suspected of having links with the leader of the terrorist organization «Lashkar-e-Islam» (changed the name to «Jaish-e-Islam») Grill Bigham. In may 2012, Afridi was sentenced to 33 years in prison, later reduced to 23 years. The US demanded the release of Afridi, and the trump during his election campaign in April 2016, said that he will do so «in two minutes». However, Afridi is still in prison in Pakistan.