The UN held a screening of the film «Sobibor»

© Photo : Cinema ProductionКадр from the movie SobiborThe UN held a screening of the film «Sobibor»© Photo : Cinema Production

Screening of the Russian film «Sobibor» about the uprising in a Nazi camp in October 1943, took place in the UN on the eve of the Victory Day.

«I with special attention and respect for the people who work within these walls, because their power to do so, so that our children and our children’s children — lived in peace, harmony, love, in cultural exchanges. And I hope that everything will be so (…) Our film is about people, our film for the people», — said the Director and leading actor Konstantin Khabensky, presenting the film in the Council chamber of the UN trusteeship.

New York- one of the stops in the overseas round of pictures, which began in Warsaw and will end with a show in Berlin on 9 may. On the eve of the film was presented at the Russian Embassy in Washington, where he was invited by staff of the state Department and various diplomatic missions. The UN international audience — the hall was attended by the permanent representatives of China, Uzbekistan, Tunisia, diplomats from Belarus, Germany, Israel and other delegations, as well as the social organization and living in new York, the veterans of the great Patriotic war.

The film «Sobibor» — «this is another page that great, a terrible, terrible war, which we all hope will never happen again,» said Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia before the show.

«The film shows the hard, terrifying truth that should never be forgotten as a warning, as the voice of conscience as the memory of what this should remain in our hearts,» — said Nebenzia. He noted that the death camp «Sobibor,» where the year killed almost 250 thousand people, «remained in people’s memory not only as a symbol of the suffering and stiffness, but also became a symbol of the triumph of the human spirit, the spirit of the people, weary of the harsh torture chambers».

«It is the horror of the war and the commitment to prevent a repetition of this tragedy lay in the basis of constructing the postwar world and the creation of the United Nations. After 73 years after that great Victory, we today, perhaps more than ever, in light of the new challenges and threats that face humanity, must realize its responsibility before the international community and understand the catastrophic effects that result from ill-considered steps and power solutions, emergent contradictions,» — said the Russian permanent representative.

At the end of the show a standing ovation to the film.

The film is based on real events and tells about the history of the Second world war successful uprising in a Nazi death camp «Sobibor» in Poland in October 1943. It was headed by a Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky.

According to historians, October 14, 1943, of the nearly 550 130 prisoners did not participate in the uprising, about 80 were killed during the escape. In the ensuing and continued for two weeks round-up of about 170 fugitives were found by German police. All of them were immediately shot. In the period from November 1943 until the liberation of Poland by the red army in January 1945, about 90 former prisoners were given to the Nazis by the local population either killed collaborators. Until the end of the war survived, according to various reports, only 53 participants of the uprising.


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