Umakhanov told which direction needs to work with Russia and China

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Russia and China should work in that direction to a third world country supported them on current international issues, said Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Ilyas Umakhanov.

«Remembering that time 1970-1980-ies, I want to say that the momentum of the solidarity movement, the momentum of interaction of public structures, public associations came from the USSR and the PRC. This was the case of the non-aligned Movement, and the struggle of African States for independence, and a number of other areas. But then, we mostly supported them. We could have a number of questions (to be. — Approx. ed.), where our points of view coincide, where solidarity could be the major international issues in support of China in support of Russia,» — said umahanov met with Vice-President of the Chinese people’s society of the struggle for peace and disarmament Zhou Li.

As examples Umakhanov cited the «discriminatory policies of some States, trade wars, problems of security.»

«We are ready to build these relations and the Russian Committee of solidarity with countries of Asia and Africa, and, of course, with the society of Russian-Chinese friendship <…> There is the possibility of joining our efforts to discuss and coordinate actions on the international arena, the possibility of bringing into the orbit of already established forms of cooperation between the two additional, constructive forces that exist in the world,» he added.

The non-aligned movement — an international organization uniting 120 States not wishing to participate in the NATO and the Warsaw Pact, on the principles of non-participation in military blocs. It was created in 1961.