At the scene of the fire in Udmurtia liquidated open burning

© Photo : Ilya Sixtyone of shells on the territory of the former military Arsenal near Pugachevo UdmurtAt the scene of the fire in Udmurtia liquidated open burning© Photo : Ilya Liks

Rescuers liquidated open burning on the site of former military Arsenal in Udmurtia. This was reported RIA Novosti a source in the emergency services of the Republic.

Now the plane be-200 and helicopters Mi-8 are pouring the territory.

According to the source, during a fire nobody has suffered.

Also in the MOE reported that in the morning stopped the detonation of shells.

From the danger zone evacuated almost fifteen hundred people, 33 of them are in temporary accommodation. Later it became known about the evacuation of the children health resort about ten kilometers from Pugachevo.

What happened

The first information about the incident began to arrive on Wednesday afternoon. On the territory of former military unit in Pugachevo ignited dry vegetation, which caused a detonation of ammunition. The area of the fire was 300 hectares.

On Wednesday evening the ammunition continued to explode. Rescuers in Udmurtia profit air rescue forces of the Siberian regional emergency center.

In addition, Pugachev sent two fire trains, amphibious aircraft be-200 and helicopters Mi-8. On Thursday morning, the experts resumed fighting.

Due to the explosions also blocked off traffic of cars on a plot of Federal highway M-7 «Volga» from a Small Snowstorm to Izhevsk.

Not the first time

This is not the first incident involving the detonation of ammunition in Pugachevo. A similar case occurred seven years ago in the warehouses of the 102nd Arsenal of the Central military district near the village.

Then when extinguishing the fire killed the soldier, a hundred people sought medical help. From the danger zone have been evacuated more than 28 thousand people.

According to the national authorities, the explosions destroyed and damaged 4.5 thousand houses and 49 social facilities in Malopurginskoe region of the Republic.

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