Cardiologists recommend eating fish for healthy heart

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Eating at least two servings of fish a week reduces the chances of premature death from heart attacks or other diseases of the heart and vessels, say scientists in an article published in the journal Circulation.

«We know that omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish, health of the heart. New studies that we analyzed, confirm this and show that the beneficial effect of fish becomes even higher if it replaces junk food, including meat with lots of fat,» says Eric RIMM (Rimm Eric) from Harvard University (USA).

Today most scientists believe that diet and certain foods have a strong influence not only on the weight of the person, but also on the health of the brain, blood vessels, heart and other key organs of the body. For example, recently scientists have shown that drinking large quantities of olive oil and Mediterranean food significantly lowers the chances of dying from a stroke or heart attack, and excessive amount of salt in food, on the contrary, worsens the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Seafood, fish oil containing unsaturated fatty acids have long been considered especially helpful for heart health and blood vessels, because they lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and soften blood vessels. On the other hand, meat of marine species may contain large amounts of mercury and other harmful substances can negatively affect other aspects of human life.

RIMM and his colleagues have analyzed all the pros and cons associated with the consumption of seafood, studied the data of the research group from all over the world collected during the experiments on animals and observations of people in the last two decades.

As found by the doctors, eating just two servings of fish a week is enough to reduce the likelihood of developing coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke or other problems with blood vessels by 40-50%. The same effect can be achieved by eating pure fish oil.

In this case, doctors advise to avoid meat of large species of sharks, tuna and other large fish, in whose body is rapidly accumulated mercury. Elevated concentrations of mercury in the body, as shown by the monitoring of the health of residents of Finland, significantly reduces the efficiency of omega-3 fatty acids, although not suppress them completely.