Climber from Bashkiria killed in the conquest of mount Everest

© AFP 2018 / Roberto SchmidtЭверест. Archival photoClimber from Bashkiria killed in the conquest of mount Everest© 2018 AFP / Roberto Schmidt

Bashkir climber Rustem Amirov died while climbing on mount Everest due to hypothermia and altitude sickness, reported RIA Novosti his wife Galina Amirov.

A resident of Ufa Rustem Amirov known in Bashkiria as a brave climber who many times has ascended to the top of mount Elbrus, peak Lenin and Khan-Tengri. A month ago he instagram started to write, as ascend with foreign climbers on mount Everest in the Himalayas.

His last post may 13, where he says that «preparing for a decisive assault on the top 8516 metres on may 16. The weather is unstable, almost all of the group went upstairs, hoping for a «weather window» may 14. Send me away and wait for the news next week.»

«Last time I talked to him on 12 may, he sent pictures and wrote to WhatsApp experience. His instagramm I am, in the mountains a bad connection. Today I called and reported his death. Reported that he has not reached the end of the top a bit. Lost consciousness due to hypothermia and altitude sickness, recently, the entire camp of climbers had been ill with a cold virus, he had a weakened immune system. Several climbers were able to save, and his — no,» the Agency said Amirov.

According to her, the body of the climber is not brought home, and buried in the Himalayas.

Mount Everest located in the Himalayas and is the highest peak of the earth. Its height is 8848 meters above the sea level.