«Eaten alive.» Billions of mosquitoes attacked the inhabitants of the Voronezh region

© Depositphotos / VadimBorkinКомар«Eaten alive.» Billions of mosquitoes attacked the inhabitants of the Voronezh region© Depositphotos / VadimBorkin

Residents of the city of Pavlovsk, Voronezh region for a week afraid to leave the house. The blame for the invasion of mosquitoes. Them so much that they fly into the apartment even through small holes. People are forced to stick with a ventilation window and hunt for insects with a vacuum cleaner.

Today most running goods in the shops of the city — a cream bites. Local authorities and environmentalists are linked with rivers, unprecedented flooding has forced banks don. The city administration is even planning to declare a state of emergency for a mosquito invasion. What happens in Pavlovsk — in the material RIA Novosti.

«Bred in the bathroom»

Alice King lives with her son in the apartment in the old part of the city — the one that is closest to the river. For the second week the family can’t sleep due to the constant mosquito buzz and bites.

At first it was tolerable: after the fumigator on the floor and the window sills had to remove the «mass graves» insects, but it didn’t cause any problems. However, a week in the bathroom and the kitchen had to close the vents, because, explains Alice, from there flying mosquitoes.

«Scotch constantly peel off, perhaps because of the unbearable humidity, or mosquitoes straining at the leash with all his strength. Eventually one night I came home, and I became hysterical: hood open, but the apartment is not even a squeak — rumble. I turned on the light in the kitchen and was horrified — the entire ceiling was the mosquitoes. Then went to the bathroom and was completely shocked: all the walls are speckled, the tiles are just not visible. Grabbed the vacuum, walked through all the rooms to collect insects, but this did not help. Apparently, the vents become a breeding ground for mosquitoes — each day there were more,» complains Alice.

She said that the treatment of the CPS and SES failed to send a team to pay disinfection in premises they are not entitled. In the end, unless you absolutely need Alice’s son don’t leave the apartment.

Another resident of Pavlovsk, Olga Serdyukov, says the correspondent of RIA Novosti about the «special ritual»: each time before going out she has to wear tight things and handle exposed parts of the body with special spray, otherwise the mosquitoes will «eat alive.»

«Buy remedies in stores is difficult — they quickly dismantled, so people are stocking up for the future. Children out of the house is actually not baby sprays almost no help, and older to use in this quantity is forbidden» — throws up his hands Olga.

The hardest part of a former fruit farm village located on the outskirts, almost in the woods, the mosquitoes here are twice more than in the center of Pavlovsk. In social networks residents describe their own ways of protection: for example, to move through the streets better run, the field trips need to forget about traveling by car over long distances. It is advisable not to be zealous with creams and other remedies as edema, itching from constantly working in the homes of animals and spirals, there is a risk of poisoning by chemicals.

«Mosquito season»

The invasion of mosquitoes this time of year for residents of the Voronezh region are not uncommon. In the previous times this has happened in 2013, after the floods was not. In 2018, the flood was stronger than usual, so larvae from years of egg-laying came several times more.

Annually, the city authorities carry trades, choosing a company to handle the territories of the larvae. However, some users of social networks have caught the mayor’s office of inaction. Anna Dobrolubova from Pavlovsk has told RIA Novosti that in 2013, together with the initiative group of activists walked all the authorities and law enforcement bodies with the request to evaluate the work of the authorities. According to residents, the organizations engaged in processing water, and sprayed with chemicals only local areas in the forest and on the shores, where were the bushes.

«We appealed to the head of the district, asked to explain, is there any chance to prevent such a catastrophe in the next few years? Indeed, in other parts the mosquitoes too, but the situation is under control. Then I typed the documents of different structures, where it is said that it was processed in a timely manner. We were assured that henceforth everything will be fine, the funds are allocated», — Anna remembers.

According to local media, in 2014 from another invasion of the area of protected nature itself: there was no spill and the don, respectively, standing water, moreover, was dominated by cold days. However, preparing for the «mosquito season» has caused serious concern, because, as journalists claimed, none of the rural settlements in the district do not have contracts for processing areas. Disinfection was carried out only in Pavlovsk in the parks and near water.

According to Anna Dobrolubovo, in subsequent years, the situation was about the same. Now the villagers can not go to the garden because of the mosquitoes. «Insects are trapped in the respiratory tract of cows, pigs and other domestic animals. This year some of the inhabitants, taught by bitter experience, scored the number,» she says.
To handle later

The last time the disinfection was engaged in the center of hygiene and epidemiology in Voronezh region. The chief physician of the enterprise Igor Vedernikov has explained to RIA Novosti that this year the competition was won by another company — from Rostov-on-don. It is responsible for processing.

«The auction was carried out in a timely manner, we participated in them, but could not win. Worked as colleagues from Rostov, do not track and do not have the authority. But in theory they were supposed to spend disinfection processing areas and river flooding. And now all the applications from residents who complain about mosquitoes, we are satisfied. Although to do it later. All should have been done earlier, when he formed larvae,» explained Vedernikov.

The head of Pavlovsk Vyacheslav Shcherbakov told local media that in March the government signed three contracts for the processing of the territory of Pavlovsk from mosquitoes. According to him, the first phase began on April 29, but only handle half of the territory, the rest was covered with high water. And when the flood went down, he was washing the reagents with the already treated areas. In the end, may 9 experts of the poisoned mosquitoes (not larvae), but only on the perimeter of Pavlovsk, parks, lakes, and main streets.

© Photo : provided by the resident Pavlovskoye mosquitoes«Eaten alive.» Billions of mosquitoes attacked the inhabitants of the Voronezh region© Photo : provided by the resident Pavlovskoye mosquitoes

We tried to contact the mayor to find out how much money was budgeted for the disinfection of the territories of the larvae. The Secretary said that Shcherbakov answer the editorial, «as soon as the meeting». However, at the time of publication to his comment failed.

To wait another two weeks

Local authorities considering the introduction of state of emergency, but the chief sanitary doctor of the region decided that for this reason no — mosquitoes don’t carry diseases, loss of livestock no. Head of the Department of ecology and systematics of invertebrate animals of Voronezh state University Oleg commented on RIA Novosti that no vector among these mosquitoes not only a nuisance to humans and animals. «Mosquitoes can carry malaria, but only if padmasali blood from such a patient. Other diseases also are practically no», — said on.

The expert believes that there is now nothing to do, is to wait until the mosquitoes die. «This year has developed from two factors — the flooding of rivers and high temperatures, but this we cannot predict. This is a natural process that cannot be predicted to the authorities. Nature does not obey man. So the invasion will continue for a couple of weeks,» he said.

Representatives of the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor and the Center for hygiene and epidemiology on 16 may sent to the district specialists from Voronezh to monitor, capture and accounting of the insects.