Evacuated because of the fire the inhabitants of Pugachevo will return to their homes in the evening

© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate in fotobanka of smoke over the territory of the former military Arsenal in Udmurtia as a result of the fire. May 16, 2018Evacuated because of the fire the inhabitants of Pugachevo will return to their homes in the evening© RIA Novosti / MOE Opperate the image Bank

The inhabitants of the village Pugachevo in Udmurtia, which before were evacuated because of the fire and claps from explosions of projectiles at a former military Arsenal, will be able to return to their homes Thursday night, said on his social network account Vkontakte head Malopurginskogo district Sergei Yurin.

On Wednesday afternoon on the territory of former military unit in Pugachevo ignited dry vegetation. The area of the fire reached 300 acres by Wednesday evening continued to explode ammunition. Rescuers in Udmurtia profit air rescue forces of the Siberian regional center of EMERCOM of Russia. On Thursday morning, the experts resumed fighting.

«Aviation continues to douchivat smoldering pockets. The Commission on emergency situations has decided that the state of emergency remains in administrative and technical territories landfill. Residential area of the military camp of the surveyed engineers to determine the presence of dangerous items, and decided that at 17.00 (18.00 GMT) residents will be allowed in their apartments», — said Sergey Yurin.

According to him, to establish the facts damages in the houses and apartments will be too late to work the special Commission.

«We ask residents to be understanding of all procedures related to the security of home, including in the connection energy», — wrote the head of the district.

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