In Egypt found a previously unknown ancient inscriptions in the temple of the goddess Hathor

© Fotolia / KrugloffАрхеологические excavations. Archival photoIn Egypt found a previously unknown ancient inscriptions in the temple of the goddess Hathor© Fotolia / KrugloffПодпишись to daily updates RIA Science

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Several dozen previously unknown hieroglyphic records discovered by Polish scientists on the rocks in the vicinity of the temple of the goddess Hathor in Central Egypt, said expedition leader Wojciech Ejsmond.

«Several dozen of the records engraved on a stone wall in the vicinity of the stone Church by the age of about 3.5 thousand years, where they worshipped, particularly the goddess Hathor» — quoted scientist Agency PAP.

According to the head of the expedition, discovered inscriptions are «an invaluable source for studies of the beliefs of the ancients».

From the translation, made by the famous Egyptologist David Vechorko, it follows that the discovered records contained requests to the gods for intercession or gratitude for the help. Labels are made from about 1770 until 1400 BC.

Scientists say that the working conditions were extremely difficult because access to many of the inscriptions practically impossible – they are in places on the rocks that they are often impossible to see without the use of rods for cameras or climbing equipment. It happened because over the last few thousand years the shape of the hill has changed significantly.

Hitherto unknown inscriptions are near a stone Shrine, studied in recent years by a group of archaeologists under the direction of Eismond. This place is still not carried out archaeological research. The Polish scientists were able to establish that the temple was founded during the reign of Hatshepsut, that is 3.5 thousand years ago, and that she was dedicated to the goddess Hathor.

Hathor in Egyptian mythology the goddess of sky, love, femininity, beauty, fertility, fun and dancing.