In Moscow will open the exhibition on the life of Christians in the Soviet Union

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«The exhibition is called «Live» — this reflects the intention of the organizers through unique artifacts to tell about the political vicissitudes of his difficult time and how subtle the prying eyes of faith was embodied in the items of everyday life — a home-made books, played phototypice icons, Church notes», the report said.

The exhibition was organized by the University «MPEI», the Patriarchal metochion of the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Wrens and a Museum and research center «faith and the people of the Soviet Union» — Russia’s only institution created a collection of memories, which tells how the Church and its congregation after the war and until the collapse of the Soviet Union.

«For many this period of time of youth and infancy, and who does not know anything about him. To fill the gaps for ones and give an opportunity to return to youth other — the purpose of the opening of the exhibition», — said the organizers.

The exhibition opens in the Small hall DK MEI, it will be presented liturgical and religious books (including those written by hand and typewritten), self-made icons, family documents — for example, a letter of 1964, some Pelageya from Kremenchug to relative to Krasnodar: «may 1 is not celebrated, because it was a good Saturday. Misha lost», or postcard with the «Trinity» Andrei Rublev, presented to Dutch students someone of Soviet citizens during the world festival of youth and students in Moscow in 1957.

Tour on the opening day of the exhibition will hold the head of the Department of history of the Moscow theological Academy, author of numerous scientific papers and publications on the history of the Russian Church Professor Alexei Svetozarsky, said the organizers.