In the Udmurt Republic aviation has renewed the fire in the unit

© Photo : Ilya Sixtyone of shells on the territory of the former military Arsenal of the Udmurt near Pugachevo. Archive photoIn the Udmurt Republic aviation has renewed the fire in the unit© Photo : Ilya Liks

Plane be-200 and Mi-8 helicopter on Thursday morning continued suppression of ignition of dry grass on the territory of former military unit in Udmurtia Pugachev, where the day before they detonated the shells, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of emergency management in the Udmurt Republic Veronika Mitrofanova.

On Wednesday, the MOE reported that 14.55 received the message on ignition of dry vegetation on the territory of former military unit in Pugachevo. The area of the fire reached 300 acres by Wednesday evening continued to burn and explode the powder charges for ammunition of different caliber. Rescuers in Udmurtia profit air rescue forces of the Siberian regional center of EMERCOM of Russia.

«At 7: 00. (6.00 GMT) in the morning, the aircraft resumed work on the fire. The site works single plane and a helicopter. Are ready to connect to the terrestrial rescuers», — said the Agency Mitrofanov. She said that before the aircraft dropped on a fire 53 tons of water.

Earlier MOE reported that in addition to aviation and fire rescue units to the elimination of fire involved fire train, Railways, rescue units and services at the regional and municipal organizations. The total number of about 500 people and over 100 pieces of equipment.

In Pugachevo is a former military Arsenal, where in 2011 there was a major fire that triggered the detonation of ammunition. Then when extinguishing the fire killed the soldier, 100 people sought medical assistance out of the danger zone have been evacuated more than 28 thousand people.