In the «United Russia» working on the interactive map of potential

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The expert Council of «United Russia» is considering the idea of creating an interactive map of unique opportunities in the Russian regions, which will take into account economic, social, technological and other specificities of each territory, and will allow you to track the dynamics of socio-economic conditions, told RIA Novosti member of the expert Council of «United Russia» Andrey Gromov.

According to him, such a map must be one of the foundations in the development of management decisions in the region, which will contribute to the effective implementation of the message and the new the may decree of the President of Russia. It is assumed that subsequently the proposal will be submitted for consideration to the government.

Regional characteristics on the same map

According to Gromova, the idea of creating an interactive map, the Council is considering in preparation of the party’s proposals for implementing the presidential address to the RF Federal Assembly and the new the may presidential decree. Subsequently, they will be transferred to the Chairman of the party, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev — for example, through the format of the traditional meetings of the programmatic Commission of the party.

«Now the Council is discussing the idea of creating indicative, interactive maps unique capabilities of the Russian regions, which will consider the economic, social, technological and other possibilities of each individual site. It must be one of the foundations for making management decisions in the regions», — said the Agency interlocutor.

The point is, he explained that the digital economy allows you to make macroeconomic predictions, but also take into account regional gross domestic product and its components. This map, Gromov added, will allow you to monitor, annually or perhaps quarterly, the dynamics of the socio-economic situation in the regions, «what is important for the effective implementation of the message and the new presidential decree, in particular, national projects».

«It is important to take into account the specifics of each region. A forest somewhere, somewhere tourism, where some oil somewhere technological capabilities. Maybe some territories are not ready to take once for all the projects, or they should concentrate first on some certain areas. For the implementation of national projects has an enormous amount, and funding should not be spread over the country. If the average temperature in the hospital is normal, it does not mean that all is well,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to Gromova, technically implement the idea — «to create a shell and invited to participate in this work» — could analytical control of the government.

Earlier Gromov has told RIA Novosti that the first developments of the expert Board present at the party conference in Moscow on 21 may. The first meeting of the Council held last week. The work will last until October — the deadline by which the Cabinet on behalf of the President must approve the main directions of activities and the forecast of socio-economic development of Russia until 2024.

«Social standard»

Along with this, said Gromov, the expert Council commented on the need for «serious change in the budget policy of regions, as implemented new decrees under the current model of the relationship of the center-region is impossible.»

According to experts, he said, the regions should have their own financial base, but «strengthening cannot be conducted at the expense of the population.» Here it comes to the «social standard of well-being.» Latest currently depends just on the financial basis of a particular region.

Ideally, experts say, the region can allocate Finance and to differentiate charges depending on their financial capabilities, but in terms of social welfare «should be a mandatory standard», equal for all regions. «We are talking about the economic unity of the country: the standard of public services, education, health should be unified in all territory of Russia», — said the Agency interlocutor.

Related to this is the need to focus on the Russian «hinterland». Gromov noted that the package of measures, the need for which experts say should include, in addition to the change in the budget to support and strengthen regional financial base, and the development of large agglomerations and local centres — the backbone of small towns, suburban and rural settlements.

This, in particular, corresponds to the task of realizing the land potential of the country — now there is a significant disparity in the population of the Russian territory, and it involves and imbalance of economic development, the difference in income and quality of life of urban and rural residents. Ideally, and this, said Gromov, said the Chairman of the expert Council Boris Gryzlov, to preserve the population of Russia not lower than the current level of «25-30% of the working age population must live outside the cities».

«Here, including the need to expand mass low — rise housing construction of private houses, cottages — on the periphery of large agglomerations and in the local centres. We are talking about the principle of «my house, my business», — said Gromov.

The decision on creation of the expert Council of the EP Bureau of the Supreme Council of the party adopted in February of this year. It included 31 people. Chapter was approved by the Chairman of the high Council ER Boris Gryzlov, the Executive Secretary — Director of the political Department of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the party Roman Romanov and coordinated by the Chairman of the Board of the development Fund civil society Konstantin Kostin.

A message to the Federal Assembly, Putin made on March 1. The head of state spoke on a wide range of issues — from education and healthcare to infrastructure and defense industry. After the inauguration of the President may 7, Putin signed a decree «On the national goals and strategic objectives development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024».