In Udmurtia dumped 53 tons of water on the fire at the ground

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Chermkovskiy in fotobanka of smoke over the territory of the former military Arsenal in Udmurtia as a result of the fire. May 16, 2018In Udmurtia dumped 53 tons of water on the fire at the ground© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Chermkovskiy the image Bank

Aircraft and rescue forces of the Siberian regional center of EMERCOM of Russia urgently airlifted from Yekaterinburg to Udmurtia to eliminate fire on the territory of former military unit in Pugachevo; already dumped 53 tons of water, said on Thursday the Siberian regional Center of EMERCOM of Russia.

On Wednesday, the MOE reported that 14.55 received the message on ignition of dry vegetation on the territory of former military unit in Pugachevo. Prior to this it was reported that in the aftermath of the fire brought more than 200 people and 60 units of equipment. As reported RIA Novosti a source in the emergency services of the region, according to updated data, the fire area increased to 300 acres, on Wednesday evening continued to burn and explode the powder charges for ammunition of different caliber.

«Ten drains water from the air made the aircraft the night before — one drain made be-200 aircraft and nine helicopters Mi-8. The total volume of water dropped on the fire, amounted to 53 tons. The quenching air will continue today with the dawn. The task of aviation is to process the edge of the fire, preventing its spread to settlements», — stated in the message.

«Crews conducted additional training. The crews strictly not allowed to fly in the epicenter of the fire, in the area where are recorded the facts of explosions. The use of aircraft is aimed at protecting the settlements, to prevent the transition of fire to housing and other socially significant objects», — the press service quoted Deputy head of the SRC (for aviation) Andrew Gruzdova.

In addition to aviation and fire-rescue units of EMERCOM of Russia in the elimination of fire involved fire train, Railways, rescue units and services at the regional and municipal organizations. The total number of about 500 people and over 100 pieces of equipment. Intelligence of the operational environment, will show whether there is a need to increase the group.