In Yakutia from two flooded villages left the water

© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Seastrunk MOE during assist the casualty in the floods in Amginsky district of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). Archive photoIn Yakutia from two flooded villages left the water© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia in the Republic of Sakha

Two villages on the river Amga in Yakutia remain flooded in the floods, another two during the day, the water was gone, according to the Republican Directorate of the emergency situations Ministry.

«Ice drift on the river Amga reached the mouth. In the coming days it is expected a gradual decrease of water levels with subsequent release of houses and courtyards of the Tattinsky district. On the river Amga remains flooded two villages — Karbalah and Chimney Tattinsky district: 216 courtyards, which are home to 489 people, including 110 children, 42 houses, inhabited by 126 people, including 37 children,» the statement reads.

Per day from water released has Meryl Churapchinsky district and Daya-Amga Tattinsky district, 79 yards, 50 houses.

Earlier it was reported that in Yakutia several rivers burst their banks due to ice drift. Were flooded over 10 villages. Part of them already freed from water. Under the threat of flooding in Yakutia, six or seven villages. Declared a state of emergency at the Federal level.