Inhabitants of Pugachevo allowed to pick up from houses documents and medications

© Photo : Ilya Sixtyone of shells on the territory of the former military Arsenal near Pugachevo UdmurtInhabitants of Pugachevo allowed to pick up from houses documents and medications© Photo : Ilya Liks

Evacuated residents of the military town of Pugachevo in Udmurtia, where the second day is burning the dry grass, allowed to return to their homes for documents and medicines, accompanied by police, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of emergency management in the Udmurt Republic Veronika Mitrofanova.

On Wednesday of Pugachevo were evacuated about 2 thousand inhabitants. The evacuation of other villages was not necessary.

«On Thursday morning, residents of the evacuated town partially included in their homes with a police escort for documents and drugs, then they bring them back to temporary accommodation. Mass returning to homes there,» — said Mitrofanov Agency.

She noted that the MOE and the administration Malopurginskoe region produced 9 points of temporary accommodation centre (TAC), but people are only two of them. «In PVR today there are 37 employees, the rest are staying with relatives, friends and acquaintances. If anyone of them need help, they can contact the rescue and the mayor’s office of area», — said the interlocutor.

On Wednesday afternoon on the territory of former military unit in Pugachevo ignited dry vegetation. The area of the fire reached 300 acres by Wednesday evening continued to explode ammunition. On Thursday morning, a source in emergency services of the Republic told RIA Novosti that open burning is eliminated, and Mitrofanov told that the shells explode again, but «very rarely».