Journalists worldwide condemned the detention Wyszynski

© Photo : Cyril Vyshinsky Vyshinsky in FacebookКириллJournalists worldwide condemned the detention Wyszynski© Photo : Cyril Vyshinsky page in Facebook

The arrest of chief editor of the website RIA Novosti Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky became one of the most resonant themes in Russian and foreign media. Journalists worldwide condemned the repressive steps of the Ukrainian authorities and told about the possible motives of the actions of Kiev.

«The destruction of the international order»

Thus, the detention Wyszynski protested the staff of the Serbian media.

Chief editor of the portal «Fakti» Djourou Bilbija:

«I think it is indicative that they (SBU — ed.) remembered of treason after nearly four years after the founding RIA Novosti Ukraine. Perhaps they are listening to and watching a colleague Wyszynski, but I think it is unlikely that they will help, because the Agency has always acted in public.»

Former editor of the authoritative edition of VECERNJE Novosti, Ratko Dmitrovich:

«Many in Belgrade would think, (…) why just Russian and Serbian journalists rules that don’t apply to others.»

Former editor in chief of the weekly NIN, Slobodan Relich:

«We live in an era when the expulsion of diplomats is a common way of communication, when the detention and murder of journalists go back to normal. In fact, we live in the era of the destruction of international order.»

«Bad card»

The actions of the SBU against the journalist commented in Czech and Polish media.

The head of the Czech Association of independent media Stanislav Novotny:

«These actions put freedom of speech under threat, and actually this democracy is based. I would like to draw the attention of the gentlemen in Brussels that Ukraine might take their example. Because they, too, seek to limit freedom of expression in the European Union».

The editor of the publication «Polish Thought» Adam Laughs in an interview with Sputnik Polska.

«This demonstrates the impotence of the legal system in Ukraine. In the end we can conclude about the level and degree of freedom of expression, particularly for journalists, but also for the whole society. This is a situation in which a system of repression against those who work with information who covers the news from a different angle and have to share it with people that do not have access to it in full. And this, as I understand it, Kirill Vyshinsky was doing».

On the detention of Vyshinsky reacted not only in Europe.

The chief editor of Iran Daily, the head of the Association of independent Iranian journalists and of the group «Iranian reporters without borders Emad Absens:

«Undoubtedly, if such an incident occurred in any other country, the international community and various organizations would have instantly reacted to it. If left unattended, continue such pursuit, attack and humiliation of journalists will go back to normal for certain countries, and members of the media will be left without protection».

Freedom of information

However, not all countries actively support the journalist. This applies in particular to Germany. Unlike colleagues from other countries, the German journalists reacted to the detention of Vyshinsky at best restrained.

The employee edition of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in comments to Sputnik Deitschland:

«The events in Kiev was not an issue for us, at least not at those interviews, in which I was personally present»

Chief editor of the newspaper Bild Julian turnip, in turn, sharply commented on the professional activities of Vyshinsky, stressing that he does not consider him a journalist. In response, the employee Sputnik wrote röpke on Twitter, remembering his old post on freedom of information.

«It has nothing to do with freedom of speech. RIA Novosti employs no journalists, and the information soldiers for the Kremlin,» answered the journalist.

Gar nichts.
RIA Novosti stellt keine Journalisten an, sondern Informationskrieger des Kreml.

— Julian Röpcke (@JulianRoepcke) may 16, 2018

To the requirement of foreign colleagues for the immediate release Wyszynski joined by journalists from Latin America.

The head of the National Federation of journalists of Brazil Maria josé Braga:

«Journalist involved in their work, can not be deprived of liberty, regardless of the intentions of the government that detained him. We are talking about freedom of the press, or even more major events for political purposes. Both cases deserve a sharp censure».

The Secretary-General of the Uruguayan press Association (APU) Claudio Veiga in an interview with Sputnik Mundo:

«Everyone has the right to support those whom it sees fit, and statements in favor of the breakaway republics (DND AND LNR) can not be considered treason. Ukraine considers itself a democratic country, where freedom of speech should be paramount, and what is happening is a violation of the Constitution and of the European agreements.»

Contributing editor at the Argentine newspaper Tiempo Argentino, Alberto Lopez, Hirundo:

«The crime of the journalist is that it shows, writes and shoots what others don’t want to see. For Kiev, it is treason, because to them what is happening in the East of Ukraine, is a mystery that you want to hide at any cost.»

What I suspect Wyszynski

Journalists worldwide condemned the detention Wyszynski© RIA Novosti / Grigory to Castinplace in the Bank»and your And our». The analyst on the EU statement in connection with the attack of the Kiev Sivashinskii suspected of treason and support for the breakaway republics of Donbass in Russia’s interests. He faces up to 15 years in prison.. In Moscow demanded an end to violence against representatives of the media and has sent to Kiev a note of protest.

In the night of may 16 Wyszynski was transferred from Kiev to Kherson for election of a measure of restraint.

In addition, the SBU may 15, staged an hours-long searches in the office of RIA Novosti in Kiev in the apartment of the correspondent of RIA Novosti in Ukraine Lyudmila Lysenko and the house at the head of the Agency Andrey Borodin. Lysenko and Borodin did not linger, but was summoned for questioning.

This is not the first in recent times, the tyranny of the SBU. In late April, security forces detained Elena Odnova, the head of the Crimean branch of the organization «Volunteers of Victory» that helps veterans. She came to Ukraine to relatives and even under the new laws of the country prohibiting the ribbons, was not carrying anything illegal. The inhabitant of the Crimea was also accused of treason.