Mara Baghdasaryan and others. Streetracers maim people and spit on the laws

© AGN «Moscow»accident on the Volokolamsk highwayMara Baghdasaryan and others. Streetracers maim people and spit on the laws© AGN «Moscow»

High stakes riding on the opposite, hundreds of fines racers ready to do anything for thrills on public roads. Often it ends in tragedy: kill innocent pedestrians and drivers. Why racers are not afraid of punishment — in the material RIA Novosti.

The speed of habit

«On a powerful machine it is impossible to ride slowly, want to prove that you’re the fastest. Sometimes, the race begins spontaneously: when in one thread there are two high-spirited car. More — by prior arrangement: machinery for a speed of sixty miles per hour give three beeps and accelerated to the limit. At stake is sometimes the car itself, so the struggle is deadly,» says RIA Novosti the street racer Oleg Borisov (name changed at his request).

Many riders rival and do not need, they fly through the city roads alone: risk are regular drivers and pedestrians. The results of this «hobby» is often disappointing: the accident people fall with severe injuries to the hospital or die. But this does not stop street racing — each year brings an all-new crash fatalities.

«Brother not yet»

13 December 2016 Alexander Lomov sports «Mercedes» nine million rubles knocked down 27-year-old Yuri Karpov. It happened in Moscow.

«Lomov, well known among street racers, made for the third round Bauman: Scorcher, frightening people walking on pedestrian crossings. My brother was wearing headphones back to flying on his car, Lomova took out on the sidewalk. The speed was great, those who saw it, was barely able to Dodge. And the brother did not have time,» recalls the details of the tragedy in conversation with the correspondent of RIA Novosti, the sister of the deceased Olga Karpova.

Perhaps such considerations guided the young people tried on the streets of Moscow to escape from the police on «Mercedes Gelendvagen» in may 2016. In the car were the son of a top Manager of «LUKOIL» Ruslan Shamsuarov, to whom the car belonged, known in Moscow as stritreysera Mara Baghdasaryan and Viktor Uskov, driving — Abduvahob madzhidov.

Their «adventure» they broadcast live on the Internet. The pursuit of a luxury SUV lasted several hours. During the race the driver roughly violated traffic regulations, repeatedly crossing solid stripes left on the lawn.

«The defendants did not respond to the police request to stop the maneuvers of the movement threatened the health and lives of the inspectors, traffic police, expressed insults at them, reminding all in the Internet,» later drew attention to the court, the Prosecutor, noting that the SUV had no license plates, and access to video of the chase had a wide range of people.

Gagarinsky court appointed Shamsuarov and two other defendants Mare Baghdasaryan and Viktor Uskov — mandatory work. The car was arrested and handed over to the government. As reported in the media, was driving Abduvahob madzhidova also sentenced to compulsory labour and was deprived of the license.

«Payment is usually 500-1000 rubles from the viewer, 1000-2000 — driver. Of this money, unfasten to whom it is necessary to have not broken up, put on a show in between award the winners cash prizes,» explains arithmetic Borisov.

By one o’clock start of the race: two cars, a straight urban track length of 402 meters, blocked by cars of organizers, half naked girl give the go-ahead to start. The race lasts no more than three to five minutes, fighting shootout — sometimes up to five or six in the morning. Just like in the movies about the cool racers. But it is not complete without incident.

«Curious spectators often close, so take a ride on the legs is very common. Remember the Toyota skidded on the ground — the driver threw the show off, the motor growled. The rubber was old, not kept in the car and she flew into people. Well, that speed was small, escaped with bruises. In my eyes, and acrobats on motorcycles have not once crashed into the crowd,» — says Borisov.

To the fullest extent

To reason with street racing, the working group of the state Duma has prepared a package of bills which provides to punish it for the race. As soon as the deputies get feedback from the government and the Supreme court, the package will introduce to the lower house of Parliament.

«The organizers of the illegal competitions in street racing could face a fine of up to one million rubles and penalties of up to two years in prison, participants of street racing — disqualification and up to a year in prison. Riding on sidewalks is proposed to equate to hooliganism, and the fine for driving after the revocation of driver’s license to increase to 50 thousand rubles,» — said in an interview with RIA Novosti Deputy head of the Duma Committee on security Anatoly Vyborny.

However, existing laws allow sensitive to punish violators, said the coordinator of the public movement «Motorists Moscow» Leonid Antonov.

«It is important for the efficient work of the traffic police, the drivers should not be a sense of impunity. When constantly fine even the richest, sooner or later, their antics have to cease. Is in the legislation and the concept of «worst offender» — such are deprived of the rights indefinitely. If we are talking about a criminal offence, may seize the car itself. Moreover, when changing the engine the car is in principle not pass inspection, except in rare cases, when such changes are certified,» — said Antonov.

At the same time, he had no doubt that street racing is hundredths of a percent of the total number of drivers, the vast majority of people driving are law-abiding.