Mining for dogs: under the Dnieper in the cemetery found things dead in Ilovaisk

© RIA Novosti / Gennady to Dubovaya in photobacteria military out of the environment under Ilovaiskaya. Archival photoMining for dogs: under the Dnieper in the cemetery found things dead in Ilovaisk© RIA Novosti / Gennady to Dubovaya the image Bank

In Dnipropetrovsk region there was a scandal because of the fact that the personal belongings of the Ukrainian security forces who died in Ilovaisk, were thrown and buried in the cemetery near the regional center. It is reported by TSN.

In the pit, where they were in bags disposed of dead chickens, the volunteers found the bloody uniforms, boots, crosses killed in 2014 volunteers.

Thirty-eight bags with tags mortuary on the territory of the fish brought law enforcement in order to dry them, but for things no one has returned. In the end of volunteers called the farmer who rents the area and unsuccessfully tried to persuade the security forces that they took things. The police, who brought them, retired, and evidence began to disappear — someone, for example, went through the neighbouring village in the tibia from the landfill.

«The dog started it all to carry on the territory, and the locals decided all that remains», — said a member of the humanitarian mission «Black Tulip» Anatoly Zolotarev.

Among the things, in particular, found a medal of the battalion «Kryvbas», which was presented on 24 August 2014 — before the soldiers got into the boiler.

Police again described all found at the dump belongings and began an internal investigation. Responsible for the violations called the head of the territorial Department, which left things in the fish farm.

In August 2014, in the Donbass began a battle for Ilovaysk — the first major battle in the South-East of Ukraine, which ended in complete victory of the militia DNR on APU units and volunteer units. Three weeks the fighting has led to the formation of so-called Ilovaisk boiler, which killed according to various estimates, from 350 to 900 Ukrainian security forces.