Russia is considering the possibility of launching satellites with missiles «Topol»

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Russia has returned to consideration of the project of the use of Intercontinental ballistic missiles «Topol» for satellites, told RIA Novosti source in the space industry.

In 2016, the commander of the strategic Missile forces of Russia Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev reported that the missiles «Topol» can be created of a space rocket. However, at the time, he said, all development on this program has been discontinued.

«In the space industry returned to the consideration of the draft conversion the use of decommissioned Intercontinental ballistic missiles «Topol» with the purpose of their use in the space program — the creation on their basis of light launch vehicles», — said the source.

He explained that currently, ICBMs Topol (RS-12M, according to NATO classification «Hammer») is gradually being phased out. They are replaced by a more modern ICBM «YARS». In this regard, the specialists of rocket-space industry sees an opportunity with minimal costs to ready the rocket and use it for space launches within the framework of the recycling program and with the aim of obtaining economic profit. At the moment the old rocket just blew under the knife.

According to open sources, armed with the strategic missile forces today may be about 70 missiles «Topol».

In this case we are talking about the launches from the mobile ground systems. Their use allows for a wide range to choose the degree of the orbit for start-UPS, changing point «shooting.»

Missile «Topol» has previously been used for space launches. From 1993 to 2006, from a mobile launcher from the Plesetsk and Svobodny (now East) was carried out seven launches of carrier rocket «Start-1», created on the basis of missiles «Topol». Six of them were successful. To conduct launches of the missile had to be upgraded combat versions in a space vehicle.

Until recently, operation was the carrier rocket «Dnepr», created on the basis of Intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20, known by NATO as «Satan». Only in the period from 1999 to 2015 year, there were 22 start-up, 21 of them are successful.

In addition, up to the present time using a different conversion rocket «Rokot», which is a civilian version of the missile RS-18 (NATO classification — «Stiletto»). To «Roar» there were three missile launch «Arrow,» created by minimal change RS-18. Currently, the possibility of the creation of the «project Rumble-2», which is the Ukrainian system of control is planned to use the Russian version.

«Topol» — Russian mobile missile system strategic purpose with a three-stage solid-fuel Intercontinental ballistic missile megaton class.