Russia will help China to establish an international centre for the rehabilitation of astronauts

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Russian research organizations are going to take part in joint with the USA, Europe and China the project for the establishment in China of the international rehabilitation center for astronauts and other infrastructure related to the development of space medicine and biology, told RIA Novosti the official representative of the Institute of biomedical problems (IBMP) Russian Academy of Sciences mark Belakovsky.

Informed the Secretary General of the China national space administration, Tian Yulong at a conference in Colorado springs, said that Beijing wanted to expand cooperation with Moscow in the studies of open space and scientific missions. In November 2017, Russia’s Roscosmos and the Chinese national space administration signed a program of cooperation in the field of space activities for the years 2018-2022.

«The IBMP is willing to work together with the Chinese side in Sanya of Hainan province create a rehabilitation center for astronauts, and with Chinese stakeholders and experts to develop tools and methods of rehabilitation», — said Belakovsky.

He explained that the rehabilitation center is being created as a place for post-flight recovery of the astronauts and also for recreation for astronauts-veterans of all countries. «The Chinese partners are ready to ensure rehabilitation it on a free basis,» Belakovsky said.

According to him, today held several talks in China and in Russia. The first meeting on this subject took place in January 2018. The latest round of multilateral talks on cooperation was completed recently in China. The meeting was attended by scientific organizations from Russia, USA, France and China. The initiative was met by scientists and non-governmental companies. From the Russian side at the consultations were attended by representatives of the Institute of biomedical problems, space research Institute of the cosmonaut training Center, the main archive of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Federation of cosmonautics of Russia.

In addition to the international space rehabilitation center, China is expected to create on Hainan island’espace, the space theme amusement Park, aerospace medical University, in Beijing, the world Wellness center where you will find the application of advanced space technology.

«The Chinese side informed the Russian colleagues about plans for construction of a modern high-tech medical center in Beijing, as well as the development of relevant projects on medicine and health in Moscow, and expressed interest in the use of development specialists IBMP. Given the experience of the Institute in the field of telemedicine, as well as a rich experience of implementation of the achievements of space medicine in public health, professionals the Institute of biomedical problems were invited to participate in a joint project on medicine and health», — said the representative of the IBMP.

In addition, employees IBMP was invited to lecture to the proposed Space medical University and students of this institution will be allocated for training in Russia. «The Chinese side expressed interest in the training of specialists of the Institute of biomedical problems of the course of lectures on the basic directions of researches in the field of space biology and medicine, manuals, and practical training,» Belakovsky said.