Russia will lose its monopoly on manned access to the ISS through the year

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The U.S. will lose its dependence on Russia in manned space flights from next year. This is stated in the presentation of the Director of Department of development of commercial projects of Roskosmos, Anna Kudryavtseva.

After the closing of the project Space Shuttle in 2011, the US has lost independent access to space. Flights of American astronauts to the International space station since then carried out only on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. Until 2016 the provision of transport to the American segment of the station was mainly domestic vehicles «Progress».

Now in the United States creates several manned vehicles for missions to earth orbit and to the moon. In addition, two types of private American ships already deliver cargo to the station.

«Today, only Russia has a complete set of proven technologies of manned space flight, and operating space objects. In 2019 the United States will put into operation their ships and to secure their independence from Russia», — stated in the presentation, which Kudryavtseva presented at the meeting of the Public Council of «Roscosmos».

Photos of the meeting published on the website of the Corporation. The forecast for getting US independence in manned space flight is accompanied by the inscription «Confidential».

The presentation States that currently, for manned launches, Russia has two types of rockets «Soyuz-FG» and «Soyuz-2.1 a» manned spacecraft «Soyuz MS», truck «Progress of MS» and the Russian segment of the ISS. USA have only cargo ships Dragon and Cygnus.

The presentation said that since 2006, the US «is actively working on creation of new piloted technology with the participation of private business.» For future projects the United States develop a manned spacecraft CST 100, Dragon-2, Orion, DreamChaser supply ship, considering the appearance of the moon station and lunar base. Among the most promising Russian projects provided the rocket «Soyuz-5» and manned spacecraft «Federation».

At the same time, American edition published an article which stated that the Advisory Committee at NASA is concerned about the delay in the creation of new manned spacecraft and fears of another postponement of their flights to the ISS. In this situation it is planned to consider reducing the American ISS crew and training of the Russian cosmonauts maintenance of the basic vital systems of the American segment of the station.

This training can take Russian cosmonauts who will fly to the ISS in autumn 2019 and spring 2020. Currently NASA through Boeing bought the place in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft and the first half of 2019.

Russia will lose its monopoly on manned access to the ISS through the year© Infographicsrussia me astronauts?