Schwabe: electronic PTS simplify the procedure of registration of the vehicle

© Photo : press service of the holding «Schwabe»Logo Schwab. Archive photoSchwabe: electronic PTS simplify the procedure of registration of the vehicle© Photo : press service of the holding «Schwabe»

The transition from paper to electronic passport vehicle (TCP), which is scheduled for July of this year, will be an important step in the implementation of the ecosystem project Rostec «Smart city», in which the holding «Schwabe» plays the role of a single integrator, said Deputy General Director of the shvabe Ivan Aggain.

E-title will contain the identification characteristics of the vehicle, its technical specifications and mileage, and information about design changes. As an option, the document can display data about passing of technical inspection.

As the press service of «shvabe», on the eve of transition of the Russian company directly involved in this process, a series of conferences that will be held on the territory of the holding, considering the final steps in the implementation document of the new format.

The first meeting will be held on Friday, may 18, at the main office of the Schwabe — House optics. The representatives of companies-operators of technical inspection of transport vehicles, certification bodies and test laboratories to discuss organizational issues. Monday, may 21 will meet dealers, insurers and heads of stations, and on Tuesday, may 22, representatives of the banking community and experts of leasing companies.

«The electronic passport will simplify and cheapen the procedure of registration of the car will allow to make transparent its history in the secondary market and improve the efficiency of law enforcement,» said Orgain.

In a press-service «the Schwab» has reminded that the agreement on transition of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia on the e-passport was signed in mid-August 2014. In the framework of this document in member States of the EAEU was created by the national operators of electronic title, the administrator is the company «E-passport», part of rostec state Corporation.