The authorities of Sakhalin will help Kunashir, where over gasoline

© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotobanka petrol station. Archival photoThe authorities of Sakhalin will help Kunashir, where over gasoline© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli the image Bank

The authorities of the Sakhalin region will help to solve the problem of lack of gasoline at the only gas station of the island of Kunashir, told RIA Novosti the regional government on Thursday.

«The Ministry of transport and road economy of the Sakhalin region will help the port organizations of the South Kuril Islands to obtain a license for petroleum products. This instruction to the management Agency gave the Governor Oleg Kozhemyako,» — said the press service of the government.

At the end of March during the unloading of the ship «Persey», delivered the gasoline Kunashir, southern-Kurilsk linear police Department on transport have found out that the owner has a license for the transportation of dangerous goods – oil products, but not handling of it.

«It was drawn up a Protocol. Now the case on administrative offence is pending in court. After that, the unloading of the gasoline in the port of Yuzhno-Kurilsk was not conducted, — have explained in the government. — A few weeks «Perseus» with a load of gasoline once again came to the Kuril Islands. As before, the ship to unload failed. This time the reason was the lack of necessary licenses to organizations of the South Kuril district who are engaged in loading and unloading works in the port».

As a result, Kunashir formed an acute shortage of gasoline. Public transport has moved to reduced working hours. On the local black market price of gasoline has reached 100 rubles per liter. The deficit of the diesel fuel on the island there.

According to the regional Ministry of transport and road economy of the necessary documents are now processed in the Federal government. Perseus returned to the loading port.

«When decisions are made related to the delivery of goods to such remote areas as the Kuril Islands, we must first be aware of the possible consequences. Here each of the ship directly affects the lives and well-being of local residents. It is impossible from-for incorrectly issued papers to leave the whole island without the goods of the first necessity. I think in this situation you could fine the stevedores, the shipowner, but to make a decision in the interests of citizens», — the press service quoted the words of the Governor.