The British foreign office was accused of funding human rights violations in Bahrain

© 2018 AFP / Justin Tallis a Man with an umbrella with UK flag. Archival photoThe British foreign office was accused of funding human rights violations in Bahrain© 2018 AFP / Justin Tallis

The human rights organization Reprieve, which advocates the abolition of the death penalty and supporting those who are facing capital punishment, accused the British foreign office in the financial support of the human rights violations in Bahrain.

«The British foreign office since 2012, has spent over five million pounds on a programme of security and legal support to Bahrain. During this time, executions continued, the number sentenced to death has tripled, the participants of peaceful protests were arrested and, under torture, was forced to make false confessions, in which they were sentenced to death», — reported on the organization’s website.

According to human rights, namely in the British funds was prepared by the staff of the prison where he was regularly carried out torture.

The «British «contribution» to the organization of the data of the punitive measures is to prepare the wardens of prisons where prisoners are regularly subjected to torture, ombudsmen, which has imposed a foreign government misleading with respect to the conduct of torture, and of the inspectors of prisons who ignored credible allegations of torture», — stated in the report of the organization.

According to human rights activists, a large part of the British funds for the training of prison staff and ombudsmen received from the «Fund for conflict, stability and security» (Conflict, Stability and Security Fund).

In the organization said that «in recent years, financial aid to Bahrain resumed in two new sources of taxpayer funds, under even less control: Global Britain Fund and the Integrated Activity Fund».

Human rights activists called on British authorities to stop this financial assistance, «carried out in complete secrecy and without parliamentary monitoring» and allowing «the Bahraini regime with impunity, rehabilitating the repressive institutions.»