The energy Ministry said about the advisability of installing a smart meter

© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary in fotoracconti in the apartment. Archival photoThe energy Ministry said about the advisability of installing a smart meter© RIA Novosti / Evgeny to Betemporary the image Bank

The Ministry of energy considers it appropriate to implement «smart» electricity meters gradually, starting in 2020, because of this, we still have to prepare the legal framework. The responsibility for the energy accounting should lie with the energy companies that will install the meters.

«It is advisable to introduce such requirements starting in 2020, as it will require changes to Federal laws and secondary legislation», — noted in the Ministry of energy, asked about the possibility of introducing «smart» meters.

As explained by Deputy energy Minister Vyacheslav Kravchenko in March, it is planned that the installation of smart electricity meters should be gradual, as now working the counters down.

The Agency also believes that the responsibility for mainstreaming must be to the resource supplying organizations, that is part of the energy companies. This will free consumers from the service counters. In this case, energy will fall, including fines for non-metered electricity consumption. The energy Ministry said that the introduction of smart metering, including in apartment buildings is the basis for improving the quality of services provided to citizens.

«Such system will enable you to remotely and simultaneously to take readings from the metering devices to control the reliability and quality of electricity, illegal connection to intra-house networks and reduce operating costs provide targeted impact on the defaulters for the delivered electrical energy and to introduce new services for consumers», — added in the Ministry.

Disputes about the law

In the state Duma is currently a bill on intellectual accounting systems of electricity, in November it was adopted in the first reading. The intelligent metering system includes, in particular, and «smart» meters that can remotely transmit records, and various gauges that monitor electrical power, for example, to quickly locate damage.

After the adoption of the bill in the first reading to him a lot of questions and now to the beginning of June to gather proposals for amendments to the second reading.

Energy the discussion of the bill on «smart» electricity meters offers to take responsibility for the counters from consumers and pass it on to the grid and electricity distribution company, explained Kravchenko. That is, for installation and further support the life of the meter will respond to the power company. While the energy Ministry has proposed to introduce standard rates for smart meters.

The question of who over the counter to pay, is the most controversial. All participants of the energy market is, it answers, but in the end will be spelled out in the legislation — is unclear. Kravchenko has repeatedly said in response to questions and even demands of parliamentarians to install «smart» electricity meters offered through the utility supply or the electric grid. But their rates are set by the state and all costs are normalized.

The energy Ministry said about the advisability of installing a smart meter© RIA Novosti / Igor Taraborrelli in fotobanka Almighty: how to save on electricity in quarterline that the company is excluded from rate that is reduced. If the economy stays in the tariff, it appears that the consumer pays the money, said CEO of «inter RAO» Boris Kovalchuk. Kravchenko at one of the debates on this topic in may, explained that we are not talking about the growth of tariffs for consumers — there will be a certain distribution of its components, because the rate now is, the share of energy supply companies, energy producers and power grids.