The EU agreed to the Balkans to strengthen the fight against terrorism

© AFP 2018 / Philippe Mediaflag of the European Union. Archival photoThe EU agreed to the Balkans to strengthen the fight against terrorism© 2018 AFP / Philippe Huguen

The EU and the Western Balkans have agreed to strengthen cooperation in combating terrorism and countering the return of the militants, as well as in the field of control of migration flows, according to the final statement of the summit in Sofia.

«The EU and partners in the Western Balkan region share many security problems that require coordinated individual and collective action. Our cooperation in stemming illegal migration flows has demonstrated its value and will develop further», — said in a statement on Thursday the statement.

«Combating terrorism and extremism, including financing, radicalisation and returning foreign terrorist fighters requires more active cooperation», — stated in the document.

The EU includes in the region of the Western Balkans Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and the self-proclaimed Kosovo.

The statement also confirmed the EU’s «unconditional support» of the European perspective for the Western Balkan countries.

The European Commission in February unveiled a new strategy for the expansion of the EU towards the countries of the Western Balkans. In documents submitted to the Executive Board of the EU, said that «for Serbia and Montenegro, which is negotiating on accession (strategy) noted the steps necessary to complete the process of accession in 2025».

The EU has previously provided the status of candidates for membership in the community of Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro. In February 2016 a formal application for EU accession was filed by Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kosovo is recognized by 23 of the 28 EU member States, also applies for community membership.