The expert assessed the decision on reorganization of the Ministry of education

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The Director of the Center for lifelong education Economics, Ranepa Tatiana Klyachko believes that the division of the Ministry of education into two departments — it is rather formal changes in the structure of Russian education than changes of substance.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which the Ministry of education is divided into two departments: the Ministry of education and Ministry of science and higher education. The first will gospolitiki in the field of General secondary education, the second scientific and innovative activity. In addition, the Rosobrnadzor and the youth will go into subjection to the government. Also Vladimir Putin has abolished the Federal Agency for scientific organizations (FANO), transferring its functions to the new Ministry of science and higher education.

«In my opinion, nothing much will change. Whoever becomes a Minister in the new Ministry in charge of higher education and science — whether it is Grigory Trubnikov (Deputy Minister of education), or Mikhail Kotyukov (former head of FANO) — these officials have already worked in the field of management science. A higher education for them to be a novelty, but, in principle, any changes here should not wait. Accordingly, what direction they will develop, in General, already clear. I don’t see any special reason to the activities of officials has changed dramatically from what was a new Ministry,» said Klyachko RIA Novosti.

She noted that, most likely, «aktiviziruyutsya activities of certain lobbyists who will try to influence the new Minister.» «But generally speaking, what happens is more of a change of the chairs, but not in fact,» — said the expert.

Klyachko also noted that splitting and merging of departments in the sphere of education management is not the first time. She recalled that in 2004 the rationale for the formation of a single Ministry was the decision to develop the system of continuous education.

«We have this Ministry poured and poured countless times. In 2004 I decided to build a system of continuous education. Apparently, now it is not taken into account. I think in recent years many universities complain that they get less attention than they could. And now that will be a separate Ministry, it will focus specifically on science and higher education. However, many universities have already entered the system of secondary professional education, while many universities have high schools and grammar schools. Thus, we develop a single system somewhat artificially divided into parts. Let’s see what will happen next, maybe after some time, the Ministry will merge again», she concluded.