The investigative Committee filed a case of illegal detention Wyszynski

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in potencially at the office of RIA Novosti Ukraine in Kiev, where the SBU conducts searches. May 15, 2018The investigative Committee filed a case of illegal detention Wyszynski© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

The investigative Committee has opened a criminal investigation after the arrest of the SBU head of RIA Novosti Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky, said the official representative office, Svetlana Petrenko.

The case was initiated under articles 144 («obstruction of the lawful activities of a journalist») and 299 («Attraction obviously innocent to criminal liability»).

According to the investigation, Wyszynski «was forced to abandon the dissemination of objective information about events in Russia and Ukraine».

Petrenko reminded that, according to the Convention «On the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms,» everyone has the right freely to Express their opinions, receive and impart information without any interference from the authorities.

Searches and detention

Wyszynski was detained in Kyiv on Tuesday morning. He is suspected of supporting the breakaway republics of Donbass and treason.

Wyszynski will be transported to Kherson for election of a measure of restraint. Here is the office of the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office «of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea», which is the case.

SBU also staged the hours-long searches in the office of RIA Novosti Ukraine, the apartment of the correspondent of RIA Novosti in Ukraine Lyudmila Lysenko and the house at the head of the Agency Andrey Borodin.

General Director MIA «Russia today» Dmitry Kiselev urged the Ukrainian authorities to immediately release Wyszynski and to cease harassment of the media. Chief editor MIA «Russia today» and RT Margarita Simonyan said that the incident is a place in Kiev for the Crimean bridge.

The Kremlin has strongly condemned Ukraine’s actions, vowing to retaliate. Moscow has sent to Kiev a note of protest with the requirement to stop violence against media representatives.

Kiev’s actions in relation to RIA Novosti, Ukraine has criticized the OSCE.

This is not the first in recent times, the tyranny of the SBU. In late April, security forces detained Elena Odnova, the head of the Crimean branch of the organization «Volunteers of Victory» that helps veterans. She came to Ukraine to relatives and even under the new laws of the country prohibiting the ribbons, was not carrying anything illegal. The inhabitant of the Crimea was also accused of treason.

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