The Israeli air force launched air strikes on Hamas positions in the Gaza strip

© AFP 2018 / Jack GuezИстребители F-15 Israeli air force. Archival photoThe Israeli air force launched air strikes on Hamas positions in the Gaza strip© 2018 AFP / Jack Guez

Israeli aircraft struck in Northern Gaza strikes on several targets associated with the ruling in the enclave’s Hamas, reported Israel defense forces.

«Some time ago the fighter jets of the Israeli air force struck a «terrorist» Hamas targets in Northern Gaza. Four goals was a buildings and objects «terrorist» the military infrastructure, three facilities for the production of weapons,» — said in a statement.

It is noted that attacks were made «in response to the fire from heavy machine guns, the purpose of which was the city of Sderot, and numerous shootings during the day.»

On Wednesday, the Israeli military attacked an observation post, two Palestinian militants in response to the second day bombardment of the Gaza strip. The incident had no casualties from the Israelis.

Earlier, Israeli tank fired on a Hamas post on the Northern border of the enclave in response to machine-gun fire, fired by Palestinian militants. The fire no one was injured, but several bullets hit a house in the border town of Sderot, the military reported. They maintain a greater presence on the borders of the Gaza strip due to massive Palestinian protests continued for the second month in a row.