The NATO office in Chisinau with high probability will be closed, he stated

© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable in Photobacterium of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon. Archival photoThe NATO office in Chisinau with high probability will be closed, he stated© RIA Novosti / Ramil to Setdiscoverable the image Bank

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon said that there is a possibility of closing NATO office in Chisinau at the end of this year.

«There is a high probability that after the parliamentary elections at the end of this year, the Alliance office will be closed», — he told in interview «news».

The head of the Republic said that the reason for the activity of NATO in Moldova is the desire to «try to get close to the borders of the Russian Federation». Dodon stressed that he could not allow the country used in geopolitical struggles, and reminded that the majority of citizens against the entry of Moldavia in NATO.

On Monday, the Institute for public policy of Moldova presented the results of a poll showing that in the case of the national referendum for the country’s accession to NATO would vote 21% of respondents (19,4% in January 2018), against 53% (60,8%). At the same time 56% of respondents were in favor of preserving the neutrality of the country (62%), and 18% for their cooperation with NATO (14%).

According to the Constitution of Moldova, the Republic has a neutral status, however, since 1994, the country cooperates with NATO within the individual partnership plan. In the capital of Moldova are the information center of the Alliance. In December 2017 in Chisinau has opened a liaison office to NATO. Against this, repeatedly made by the President of Moldova Igor Dodon. He previously stated that still insists on international recognition of the neutrality of the Republic.