China is willing to work with US on solving problems in trade and economy

© AP Photo / Andy Wong, FileФлаг USA on the background emblem of China in Beijing. Archival photoChina is willing to work with US on solving problems in trade and economy© AP Photo / Andy Wong, File

Vice-Premier of the state Council of the PRC Liu he at the meeting with the US President Donald trump said that China is ready to work with Washington to resolve problems in trade and the economy, according to the account of the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC in WeChat.

«China is ready to work together with the United States efforts to take appropriate action and resolve the existing problems in trade and economic sphere on the basis of equality and mutual benefits,» said on a visit to Washington Liu he.

He added that «the current development of relations between China and the United States is at an important stage, both sides need to exercise made by the leaders of China and the United States a consensus to go to meet each other, show mutual respect, to work to ensure the healthy and stable development of bilateral relations.»

The Washington Post reported that China demands that the United States not to enter declared by the President of the United States Donald trump sanctions, to withdraw complaints against China to the WTO at dumping prices, to discontinue the investigation in respect of theft of intellectual property. Beijing has also allegedly demanded the removal of sanctions imposed after the events in Tyananmen square in 1989 to ease restrictions on the export of technology to allow the purchase and use of Chinese technology products and services.

In addition, the list contains the requirement not to apply restrictions to Chinese investors allowed to participate in U.S. infrastructure projects, strengthen the protection of Chinese intellectual property. Also on the list ostensibly there is a requirement to properly solve the problem with the Chinese telecommunications equipment manufacturer ZTE.

On the eve of the US President Donald trump said that working with President of China XI Jinping over the removal of U.S. restrictions with a Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment ZTE.