Gina Haspel, the first female CIA Director: Romantic with an iron grip

© AP Photo / Andrew Nagin have Haspel. Archival photoGina Haspel, the first female CIA Director: Romantic with an iron grip© AP Photo / Andrew Harnik

The U.S. Senate on Thursday approved Gina was Haspel for the post of Director of the Central intelligence Agency of the country. She became the first woman to lead the CIA – one of the major intelligence agencies in the United States.

The discussion in the Senate took place against the background of allegations was Haspel about her involvement in the torture of terrorism suspects in the early 2000s. But in the end most legislators did not consider her actions a barrier to engage in such a high position.

RIA Novosti presents a portrait Haspel, which in total worked for the CIA for over 30 years and today is one of the most controversial figures in the administration of President Donald trump.

The daughter of a military man

Gina Cherie has Haspel, nee Walker, was born in Kentucky in 1956 in the family of an officer of the U.S. air force. Graduated from high school in Britain, then returned home, where in 1978 he graduated from the University of Louisville in Kentucky, a philologist and journalist. Soon she decided to start a military career and was about to enter the Academy at West point, but at that time women were not accepted. However, as stated in her biography on the website of the CIA, «the desire to serve has Haspel was missing.»

In 1980-81, she worked as a librarian at the military base of Fort Devens in Massachusetts. In 1985, she made a choice in favor of the CIA, where women took on the job.

«I wanted to be a part of something bigger than just me. I think because of the (military) service of my father, I saw it as naturally close thing to me. I dreamed of a foreign adventure, during which I could show my love for foreign languages. The CIA responded to these requirements» — says have Haspel.

The first success

First place trip in 1987 was Ethiopia, the countries of Central Asia, Turkey, and then Europe. The CIA, for obvious reasons, does not disclose details of its work at the time, but indicates that haspel have over the years learned «to recruit agents and to work with them.»

Have haspel says that it is not in the most prosperous countries often caused the surprise of her male colleagues who have not seen on like this woman. But she had a clear ability to full man’s work.

Once Haspel managed to obtain information about the impending attack in one of the embassies. Thanks to a quickly organized its terrorist operations failed to disarm. For this, President George H. W. Bush awarded her the award «For outstanding achievements in the field of the fight against terrorism.»

Wrestling on the edge of the possible

However, close counter-terrorism has Haspel started in 2001. The September 11 attacks in the US were a turning point in her career, which she continued in the counter-terrorism center of the CIA.

The success in this field are key to her successful career. However, they also became the source for numerous accusations of liberal society in the United States. The reason was personal Haspel participation in the torture program that the CIA held in secret prisons in many countries. Officially they were called «enhanced interrogation techniques». The most famous place where he conducted such a program was the Guantanamo prison.

In the case has Hespel it was about the interrogation of terrorism suspects in one of the prisons of the CIA in Thailand in October-December 2002. Of course, details of those CIA interrogation does not reveal the corresponding video recordings were destroyed a few years ago. This was done without the knowledge of the White house and top leadership of the CIA. The decision was explained by concern for the safety of staff members, whose faces were clearly visible on the video.

It is only known that one of the torture was the «water torture» when the detainee was tied up and doused his head with water, so he had the feeling that he’s drowning. However, he was not supposed to choke.

However, formally Haspel and the CIA in General was just following what was allowed then in force law – no charges, and penalties for such a controversial interrogation techniques in its address was not nominated.

In June 2017, the European centre for constitutional rights and human rights (European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights ECCHR) asked the German authorities to issue a warrant for the arrest Haspel in the case of the torture of terrorism suspects. According to media reports, the occasion was the case of Abu Zubaydah, who 83% tortured in a secret CIA prison in Thailand, which in 2002 was in charge of was Haspel. No consequences, the initiative of human rights defenders had not.

In early may, during the hearings in the Senate Haspel promised not to resume the program of interrogations in which detainees were previously subjected to torture.

«I was in this turbulent time and can give you a personal commitment, clear and without reservation that under my leadership of the CIA will not resume a program of detention and interrogation,» she said.

Haspel has said he supports the statutory standards of treatment of detainees and will not jeopardize CIA agents «to take risky and controversial actions.»


After doubtful from the point of view of defenders of the experience gained in Thailand, Haspel was transferred to work in Washington. Then in different years, she was head of the CIA in new York and London, has held posts in the Central apparatus, was Deputy to the control of illegal intelligence, directed the office of the Director of the Center for combating terrorism Department of the CIA, who oversaw the program of secret detentions.

In February 2018 US President Donald trump has appointed her Deputy Director of the CIA, and after the transition of Mike Pompeo for the position of Secretary, the President suggested Haspel for the post of CIA Director.

Gina Haspel, the first female CIA Director: Romantic with an iron grip© AP Photo / Evan hawk VucciСамая administration: US go on a trade and diplomatic war,»Gina Haspel, deeply respected me a candidate for the post of CIA Director, serves as a target for attacks due to the fact that she was too tough on terrorists. Think about it, in these very dangerous times we have the most qualified person whom the Democrats want to remove it because it is too hard to terror. Victory Gin!» — trump wrote on Twitter shortly after another accusations have Haspel.

She has Haspel, though promises not to torture prisoners, still sees the main threat to the United States in the terrorists. But not just them.

«Threats include a changing, but still a deadly threat of terrorist groups, the nuclear threat to the continental United States from a rogue state, the destabilizing policies of Iran adventurous, aggressive and sometimes brutal Russia, and also long-term consequences of China’s ambitions on the global stage,» he said Haspel in written testimony to the Senate.

Novel intelligence was to have Haspel important in life – in the year of joining the CIA she divorced her first and last husband, whose name he kept for himself. Children of the couple over the years of living together has not appeared.

Supporters destination Haspel I have no doubt that the former librarian with a face of good grandmother successfully manifest itself in the position of the head of one of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world. In the end, over the years spent in the CIA, she has proved herself a woman with an iron grip, even if this grip is on the brink of a foul.