«He stuck the awl in the head.» What young Muscovite beat a pensioner to death

© Photo : SK Haichina who attacked a pensioner in the South of Moscow. May 17, 2018<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/05/b240356dd9156f124b31cde05d015b4b.jpg" alt="«He stuck the awl in the head.» What young Muscovite beat a pensioner to death” />© Photo : RF IC

In Moscow on may 17 detained the young man who attacked a pensioner. For no reason he beat 70-year-old woman, and towards the end, and stuck her awl in the head. The scene of beating caught on camera at the entrance of one of houses. Against twenty-five Muscovite Vladislav B. criminal case. The victim in a critical condition in intensive care. According to media reports, on this night, the detainee attacked another woman. Now the consequence finds out what caused such aggression.

Saved the camera

The footage is like a scene from a Thriller film. Can be seen in the dark young man in good physical shape is targeted towards the foyer and starts to hit her right in the face. She falls to the ground. The attacker first tried to snatch her from the hands of the package, and then continued to strike blows with feet to the head. He then emptied the contents of the package, but took just a pain that stabbed the victim twice in the head. And quickly disappeared. About two in the morning the pensioner was found by passers-by called the police. The victim — Natalia Borisenko, according to investigators, she was 70 years old. The woman was hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

According to some, Vladislav that night also attacked a girl near the shopping center. Surveillance cameras recorded, as he kicks her feet, pours out the contents of the package on the ground and says something. The girl, according to news reports, managed to get up and walk to the shopping centre where she was asked to call the police.

Soon police officers detained the suspect. According to one version, Vladislav B. was born in Ryazan region, and then moved to Moscow, on the other hand he is a native Muscovite and lives Borisov ponds, that is where the attack occurred. Investigation took under personal control the head of GSU SKR across Moscow Alexander Drymanov.


The record shows that the attacker and the pensioner did not speak, no conflict arose — he immediately attacked her. In comments to journalists, the son of the victim suggested that it was unlikely she was attacked for robbery — Natalia Borisenko was not anything of value.
Friends and acquaintances Vladislav, in turn, in shock from the incident. They claim that no aggression, he never showed, and on may 17 is likely to have been some kind of misunderstanding.

In addition, the familiar specify that the young man had a difficult relationship with his parents, but his problems he tried to take no one.

«A fine man until you drink»

In 2009 Vladislav and his best friend was in a terrible accident on Kutuzov Avenue. Then the media reported that three people were killed. Vlad was the only passenger who survived. His ex-girlfriend Mary told RIA Novosti that the accident a friend of Vlad died right in his arms, which greatly affected his mental state.

«Vlad is too badly injured — his leg got crushed, he couldn’t walk, was in the hospital all summer. I helped him to recover from the shock. We became friends, then started Dating. The pain of losing a best friend, he often healed by alcohol,» says the girl.

It is almost no doubt that the cause of the incident, which occurred on may 17 — just alcohol or drugs. «We broke up only because after drinking, the boy lost control over his actions. He became aggressive, uncontrollable, could make trouble and to use his fists. But the rest of the time is a beautiful man. Anyway, for me such a relationship was unacceptable,» she said.

Against Vladislav B. opened a criminal case under article 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation — «Attempt at murder», providing punishment from six till 15 years of imprisonment. The consequence conducts the necessary examinations to establish the causes of the massacre.

Meanwhile, users in social networks write about ready to organize a lynching of a suspect. Some even urged the locals to organize a vigil at the police station to «talk to man».