In the Ukrainian Kovel bones of Soviet prisoners of war were plastering school

© RIA to Novoshepelychi fotoannunci in the city of Kovel. The Nazis forcibly sent to the Soviet people in Germany. Archival photoIn the Ukrainian Kovel bones of Soviet prisoners of war were plastering school© RIA to Novoshepelychi the image Bank

In the city of Kovel in Western Ukraine, used in construction and finishing works sand with the remains of those shot by the Nazis, Soviet prisoners of war, writes portal «».

The pow camp Stalag 301 was in Kovel, Brest street, 1942-1944. After the liberation of the city discovered the mass graves of local residents and prisoners of war.

Part of the territory, where was located the firing pit, seeded under construction. In addition, some local businessmen gathered sand from the quarry, in which and near which there were mass graves.

Large bones were sifted, and the fine remained in the sand. Throughout 2017, this mixture was used for the construction of houses, and also as the Chairman of the Volyn regional organization of veterans of Ukraine Alexander Bulavin, for plastering in high school.

Activists search engines has caused to the construction police, the police officers recorded the presence of bones, but it was not given. Repeated appeals to the authorities in what have not resulted.

Those who tried to open the public’s eyes to this business, began to persecute in the local media. They were called separatists, Bulavin and his associates were blamed for the fact that they took part in the forum «the Great Victory, obtained by unity: the heroism of partisans and underground fighters during the great Patriotic war» 25 April in Bryansk.